After 10 years in the agricultural sector will disappear 60% of professions

Через 10 лет в агросекторе исчезнет 60% профессий

In the next ten years 60% of jobs in the agricultural sector of the world will be replaced by robots, according to according to the research company Ernst & Young. And until 2023, the number of globally mobile employees (who do not have deep expertise and are able to easily change jobs) to total workforce will reach 43%, which is 4% higher than in 2017.By 2025 a significant workforce reduction will be observed in Ukraine, Europe, China, Russia and Australia. But in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Egypt and others, on the contrary, will feel the positive momentum.
First and foremost, in the agricultural sector in the next decade the world will disappear such a profession:

Accountant. Now this profession replace a base of operations in auditing and accounting. Experts believe that such programs can over time replace people entirely.Secretary-referent. The existing software is already able to take their share of the duties of the Secretary: scheduling, meeting planning, ordering tickets and so on. The only open question is the development of an optimal solution to combine maximum of functions.Logist Manager. Transport structure is complicated, the delivery of goods becomes modular, cargo traffic and passenger traffic are increasing, user demands for quality and speed of delivery is increasing. With such tasks a person cope more difficult, so in this sphere it is needed only for control at the highest level or in difficult situations.Professional agricultural worker. Drones, robots, and other control fields – it is a reality that modernizarea every day, displacing people from this area all the more intense.