After 40 this tea at least once a week you need to drink at all! That’s why

После 40 этот чай хотя бы раз в неделю нужно пить всем! Вот почему

Thyme (we call him “thyme”) has been popular for many centuries in the most different corners of our planet. And now it is used to treat large number of diseases — from the flu to epileptic seizures.
In the Middle ages people used to mix thyme with lavender and sprinkled on the floor of the Church — to get rid of unwanted smells and “evil spirits.” And now it is used to treat wounds, prevent infections and get rid of burns.+

There is thyme, and volatile essential oils. It is known that they possess antiviral, anti rheumatic, antiseptic and antifungal effects.+

But actually thyme is a great thing not only for treatment but for prevention of various problems. It is great in the case of lupus, noise in the ears, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, fibromylagia, Hashimoto’s disease and even rheumatoid arthritis.+

If something from this list bothers you, begin drinking tea with thyme every morning.+

Thyme contains a huge amount of vitamins and minerals, including iron, potassium, and calcium — all of them important for the normal formation of red blood cells and regulating blood pressure. Tea thyme will have a lot of folic acid, vitamins A, b and C.+

Studies have shown that regular consumption of thyme increases the concentration of docosahexaenoic acid, and it is very important for normal kidney, brain, heart and cell membranes.+

That is against what diseases thyme protects especially:

  • gingivitis
  • laryngitis
  • asthma
  • throat infection
  • acute and chronic bronchitis
  • angina
  • cough
  • inflammation of the oral cavity

Here’s how to brew a tea from thyme:

1. Place 1 teaspoon (or more) dried herbs of thyme in a mug. If using fresh herbs, they should be in 2 times more.+

2. Pour a Cup of water. After 3 minutes pour the contents into a kettle and bring to a boil.+

3. Then remove from the heat, cover with a lid and allow tea to steep approximately 5 minutes.+

4. Now strain and drink.+

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