After a rally of police in front of his home, the mayor of Rennes denounces “methods of intimidation”

    After a rally of police in front of his home, the mayor of Rennes denounces “methods of intimidation”

    The mayor (PS) of Rennes, Nathalie Appéré, denounced, Friday, December 18, “Methods of intimidation” after the police gathered at night in front of her home to demand an improvement in their working conditions.

    The city councilor sent a letter to the Alliance-National Police union, which denies being behind this action. “Last night, a group of police officers in uniform, claiming to be part of your union organization, came manifest under the windows of my family home, behind the wheel of service vehicles all blaring sirens “, she explains.

    “These methods of intimidation are not admissible in a democracy”, argues Mme Appéré, stressing that the national police and its agents are “A force in the service of republican order”. “Peacekeepers are essential guarantors of the security of citizens. The behaviors I observed [jeudi] evening are not worthy ”, she asserts.

    In her missive, the elected representative also recalls that the demands aimed at improving working conditions “Must speak to the employer” : « Yours is the Ministry of the Interior. “

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    “No need to repeat this kind of operation”

    According to the regional daily West France, around thirty officials demonstrated on Thursday around 11 p.m. in the Sud-Gare district. According to the mayor of Rennes, the police had notably come to claim free transport subscriptions for personal use.

    Mme Appéré said “Very surprised” by this request. It once again invited the said officials to bring this demand to their “Responsible minister”, Gérald Darmanin. The elected official also reported that the operator of the Keolis Rennes network is already making 60 transport cards available to the police station.

    “In the anxiety-provoking context of this year 2020, and even though the relationship between the population and its police is abused, your mode of action will not fail to challenge”, estimates the city councilor. It is “Perfectly useless to repeat this kind of operation”, she insists, specifying that she does not have “For habit of [se] let intimidate “.

    Alliance departmental secretary Frédéric Gallet told Agence France-Presse on Friday that he was not aware of this action. “Alliance has nothing to do with what happened. I was not present. Mme Appéré got the wrong target ”, he pleaded.

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