after Dax, Mont-de-Marsan will also welcome additional officials

    after Dax, Mont-de-Marsan will also welcome additional officials

    Forty additional officials in Mont-de-Marsan! Since the start of 2020, the government has decided to relocate tax services located in Paris or in large metropolises to medium-sized cities. A few months ago we learned that Dax will thus host in 2022 a national center of expertise in corporate taxation and a branch of corporate tax services. These two entities, which will not welcome the public, will eventually have around fifty agents.

    The same announcement was therefore made this week for Mont-de-Marsan. Between 30 and 45 agents of Public Finances will be divided into different departments, which will be installed within the Dagas tax center. The arrival of the agents is not expected before 2022. We will know in January what the calendar is precise, the trades concerned and the exact number of agents who will be welcomed in Mont-de-Marsan.

    It’s 40 families, spouses, people in our associations – Charles Dayot, mayor of Mont-de-Marsan

    In total in France 66 small towns will benefit from these relocations: 16 new cities selected, which complete the list of 50 cities presented in January 2020. They were in total 400 candidate communities. For Charles Dayot, the mayor of Mont-de-Marsan, this is excellent news for the city: “We have been making efforts for some time to bring in companies, there is a windfall of 40 local civil servants, so it’s all good for us: it’s 40 families, they are spouses, people who will come to our associations, who will use our services and put children in schools. We have the capacity to welcome them, in a pleasant living environment. We will also set up a small cell specifically for good welcome them.”

    The agents who will come to the Landes will be volunteers, they will have to apply to obtain these positions explains Pascal Anoulies. The Landes Departmental Director of Public Finances is not at all worried about the applications: “We know that there are agents who are waiting to return to the South-West departments, to find the living environment they experienced before a transfer to Paris. There may also be agents interested in work and will look at what the agglomeration of Mont-de-Marsan has to offer. “

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