after England, can France escape a third reconfinement?

    after England, can France escape a third reconfinement?

    This Tuesday, it is the English who have just returned to it. They are re-defined until mid-February. Ditto for the Scots. The other two provinces of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and Wales, had already established their third confinement.

    A high plateau since December

    Germany, for its part, will undoubtedly extend travel restrictions while the Netherlands have been confined since mid-December. What to wonder: will France also pass there soon? This Tuesday, January 5, on RTL, Olivier Véran, the Minister of Health, refrained from making predictions based on high but stable figures. ” Since the beginning of December, we have been on a plateau. We are on average at 14,000 cases per day, last week we were at 15,000 cases per day, the week before at 12,000. We have been on a high plateau for five weeks, but much lower than at our neighbors: the Germans have carded 50,000 cases a day, the English also “, did he declare.

    Asked about the possibility of a third reconfinement, Olivier Véran did not leave any clue lying around, preferring to highlight the ” protective measures ” put in place. ” I think of the French who cannot leave their homes after 6 p.m., we cannot say that nothing is happening in our country “, He recalled, insisting:” We want to avoid total containment ».

    Faced with the British variant capable of accelerating the epidemic, he wanted to be reassuring: its circulation is observed as ” milk on the fire “. Olivier Véran indicated that at this stage, France has only ten suspected or confirmed cases.

    A race against time

    Nothing to be alarmed about at the moment? This is not the opinion of Professor Gilles Pialoux, head of the infectious diseases department at Tenon hospital in Paris. ” It is the level of filling of intensive care units and hospitalizations that have guided public policies from the start. He’s a late scorer and one that makes us suffer on the pitch »He said on Tuesday.

    Or, là, « we are waiting for the joint effect of the curfew and the holidays », He believes. Which will not be without consequences. ” The first wave was 30,000 deaths, the second wave was 30,000 deaths too. However, we have improved care and reduced mortality in intensive care. Finally, the waves are more and more impactful despite our efforts. We are extremely concerned about the arrival of a third wave on a plateau which has a high level “Said the doctor, who expects the epidemic to accelerate in mid-January.

    According to Axel Kahn, “ everything will be played out in the next four months “. The doctor and president of the League against cancer indicates that ” a terrible battle will be engaged with viruses and mutants on the one hand, and vaccination and protection on the other while waiting for a sufficient level of collective immunity. A kind of race against time, in which the government is committed, with different scenarios in mind.

    This Tuesday morning, Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of Education, for example agreed that the winter holidays could be extended, ” if needed »While Olivier Véran gave a boost to the vaccination campaign.

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