After Hollywood stars are going to enjoy the charms of the Carpathians

Вслед за голливудскими звездами едем наслаждаться прелестями Карпат

After Hollywood stars are going to enjoy the charms of the Carpathians.
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Carpathian beauties know how to enjoy not only the Terminators and Leona-killers, but our native artists, in particular Vitaly Kozlovsky. Photo: archive of the KP in Ukraine

In the heart of the Carpathian mountains – Yaremche beauty, and the surrounding towns will be held XXV international Hutsul festival.

In 2018 in the Carpathians will step on a star will come. No sooner had Jean Reno to tell the world how delicious it fed bansom on the shore of the lake Synevir, as there also came to the “liquid” Terminator – the American actor Robert Patrick. He is currently shooting in the Carpathian mountains in the blockbuster movie “Zakhar Berkut”, which plays a major role. And also admires the beauty of our mountains and hospitality Hutsul. To understand aliens, because how many times you did not come to the Carpathians, do not get tired to admire the local beauty.

At the end of July in the resort town of Yaremche and the neighboring towns will be held XXV international Hutsul festival. Extravaganza of traditions and customs of Hutsuls, a series of thematic master classes, tasting traditional food and drinks, concerts of folk groups and many other surprises await the guests of the festival from 21 to 29 July.

To always be in the center of events, guests and participants of the festival will be able to stay at the hotel Romantik Spa Hotel, famous for its excellent service, fine cuisine and the best in Western Ukraine cosmetology and SPA complex. No wonder that continually come here to relax and freshen up well-known artists.

Jubilee Hutsul festival to be remembered by each guest, – says the coordinator of the festival and owner of the Romantik Spa Hotel Ivan Gawron, – for we have prepared entertainment for every taste. For lovers of good food will be tasting traditional Hutsul dishes – banosh, Zupa (mushroom soup), Hutsul borsch with white beetroot, cheese, Hutsul cabbage rolls… and for lovers of good and hard-drinking – native local drink, Mead, which in the Carpathians, flows like whiskey in Scotland. For lovers of extreme tour to underground house Museum, opryshkivska competition from barges (axes), workshops on the management of a whip and harness horse. But true connoisseurs of equestrian art will be able to learn how to Shoe a horse.

Also, the festival will learn how to paint ceramics in Hutsul style, doing traditional women’s jewelry and learn the technology of brewing real Carpathian tea. And, of course, what’s a festival without a Hutsul dance. Guests will be able not only to look at the performance of the traditional dance Arkan, but also to learn him to dance. Be sure that all dance lovers will be able to take part in the competition for the hardiest dancer harness.

Hutsul festival is in Yaremche will be remembered with the screening of a stylized Bridal garment and participation in wedding ceremonies. In particular, it will be possible to participate in the wreath making, the preparation of Hutsul bride to the wedding, to see theatrical performances with fragments of traditional Hutsul wedding.

Вслед за голливудскими звездами едем наслаждаться прелестями Карпат

Svetlana Tarabarova at the International Hutsul festival. Photo: archive of the KP in Ukraine

Вслед за голливудскими звездами едем наслаждаться прелестями Карпат

Stars in Yaremche not only relax, but also sing. Tonya Matvienko, Arsen Mirzoyan and Svetlana Tarabarova preparing to go on the festival stage. Photo: archive of the KP in Ukraine

Program of the XXV International Hutsul festival

July 21 – Festival of sacred music and song “Kosilek Vatra” (Dora village)

– opening of the chapel, father Michael was Mowing and residence in the village Dora

– excursion to the underground house Museum

– the concert program with participation of singers of sacred music

July 22 – Feast of Hutsul cuisine in the village polanyca

– treats guests Hutsul dishes

– master-class on making of the Carpathian tea

– the concert program with participation of Ukrainian artists

23 July – dance Competition “Arkan” (Tatariv village)

– competition for the hardiest of party dance”Arkan”

– master classes in folk dances

24 July – a competition for the strong Hutsul region (Vorokhta village)

traditional opryshkivska event bartrami (axes)

– competition for raising the bar, carrying stones, lifting barrels, and other

July 25 – ceremonial action “Hutsul wedding” (village Voronenko)

– performance ensembles in the repertoire which have fragments of Hutsul wedding

– master classes on weaving wreaths, jewelry, shardi, luchki, silnce

– the crying bridesmaid and bride collection to the wedding

– dance with tree

– display of authentic and stylized Hutsul clothes and jewelry

26 July – Holiday “Polonyna cry” on polonyna “Gorgany” (Mykulychyn village)

output, Vatagin to pasture “Gorgany”

– master classes on making cheese products

– Hutsul festival of beer

July 27 – the Feast of Hutsul polonyna truck to “PERC” (Yablunytsya village)

– competition for the best Hutsul transport (wagon, cart, fiscr)

– conducting workshops on pidkaminna horses, upravlennya whip zaprashenne horse

– Scientific-practical conference “Hutsul – XXI century: problems and perspectives for the conservation of nature and ethnic culture in the Hutsul region of the Ukrainian Carpathians in the context of globalization” (House of culture of Yaremche)

July 28 – the Folk Hutsul music and theater festival (the town).

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