After kingdom the right of alberta, minister Jason Kenney has the NDP in its sights

Photo: Jeff McIntosh, The canadian Press
The former mp of Calgary and lieutenant Stephen Harper, Jason Kenney, last October

After having achieved the feat of uniting the right in alberta, which has ruled the province tirelessly for nearly 100 years, Jason Kenney began the new year with the objective of consolidating the reunification in order to unseat the new democrats in the general election in Alberta in a year and a half.


Many saw the former mp of Calgary, and lieutenant Stephen Harper, to run for the leadership of the conservative Party of Canada after the defeat of 2015. But Mr. Kenney was stroking another project : he wanted to unite the right in alberta to make front against the centre-left, as did Stephen Harper and Peter Mackay at the federal level, by merging the canadian Alliance and the progressive conservative Party to oust the liberals.


After 36 years of government of the social Credit party, and 43 years of government the progressive conservatives in Alberta, the New democratic Party (NDP) of Rachel Notley has been elected as 2015, with 41 percent of the votes, against a total of 52 percent for the two right-wing parties.


Elected leader of the progressive conservative Party of Alberta at the beginning of 2017, Mr. Kenney was then able to merge his party with the Wildrose, which had divided the votes of the right in the election of 2015, and who was to become the official opposition.


Once elected leader of the new conservative Party, uni of Alberta, Mr. Kenney was elected to the legislative Assembly in a by-election in Calgary in mid-December. The eyes now turned to the election of may 2019, the new leader of the conservatives has already announced its colors for the election campaign : back on its rails the alberta economy, seriously weakened by the fall in oil prices.


Economy vs. social issues


The first minister warned that it had no intention to escalate things further blows of the axe in the spending. Rachel Notley promises rather to invest massively in infrastructure projects, and public programs — it has already announced an increase in the minimum wage and the imposition of a ” carbon tax “, where the provincial sales tax does not exist.


The economy is picking up, but some feel that the government Notley’s not going fast enough, or that his efforts are going heavily into debt to future generations. In his speech of victory to the leadership of the conservative Party kingdom, Mr. Kenney recalled that the right believes in the virtues of a creative of the free market, and rejects the prospect of burdening future generations by a tax irresponsible.


“The unifying theme of the new party, it is the anger against the NDP, and the ardent desire for the hunt of power,” says political scientist Duane Bratt, Mount Royal University, Calgary. The specialist surveys Janet Brown also believes that Albertans are concerned about the economy — more than by social issues. Gold, Rachel Notley believes that it is precisely the social issues that will eventually be the Achilles ‘ heel of Jason Kenney.


Mr. Kenney has adopted so far the approach of “laisser-faire” on social issues : it binds the “compassion of the State” in good economic health, while launching a message of tolerance in general.


Janet Brown believes that the chief registrar has opted for the pragmatic approach. “He is smart enough to know […] that he should succeed to convince Albertans to moderate that Jason Kenney does not constitute a threat to social programmes “, she said.

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