After the bombings: the residents of the city are counting their losses

PHOTO : / Nicholas kostyushin


In Kazakhstan began to restore the houses in Arys destroyed by explosions at an ammunition depot last Monday. Details – the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Elena Shiryaeva.

The thieves have made musical instruments and video equipment. Muslim restaurant Rahimzhanova now as a thoroughfare. No Windows, doors, mangled furniture, broken dishes, broken appliances. And in this place Muslim has invested all their money and credit.

“The bottom – basement, he also suffered greatly. There I had a freezer with meat, it’s all gone. On the second floor, struck the wall, the ceiling, the chandelier shattered,” he listed it loss.

Count the losses a thousand entrepreneurs. More than half of the 250 business objects in ARIS destroyed, five did not recover. The affected business will allocate 5 million tenge, which is 13 thousand dollars.

“We can find a contractor and after the repair to pay for the work. But, business people can independently find a construction company and we only select the money”, – said Aslan Ibadullayev, head of Department of the regional Chamber of business.

At home in the city was destroyed during the explosion at the ammunition depot in the military unit. All occurred in the early morning of June 24.

The result killed three people. Dozens more were injured, they were taken to the hospital. During the day, the whole town evacuated. Residents sent to Shymkent. There school, hotel and the mosque became their temporary refuge.

“I come from Arys. There are explosions. We have no one to pick up. All beg for help,” – said Fariz Tanirbergenova, resident of Arys.

The city suffered almost all the houses. Many burned to the ground. Survived only 15% of jobs. Affected residents from the budget will allocate KZT 1,000, which is about $ 260.

Now the city is restored. Almost working around the clock one and a half thousand builders. All repair work on behalf of the President must be completed before August 1.