After the decision of the Antimonopoly Committee in Ukraine began to get cheaper petrol

После решения антимонопольного комитета в Украине начал дешеветь бензин

As at 5 December in the retail oil market of Ukraine, two major network stations slightly reduced fuel prices, from the data of monitoring of the state enterprise “Derzhzovnishinform”.

After yesterday’s decision of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) on the application of the measures when establishing the retail prices for high-octane gasoline and diesel fuel at a level that would have existed in conditions of considerable competition on the market, prices at filling stations “OKKO” and “WOG” has decreased.

Thus, the level of prices in the gas station, which was discussed in the decision of the AMC, as 05.12.2019 relatively 04.12.2019 decreased in average DT for 0,07 UAH/liter (-0,24%), gasoline A-95 – UAH 0,06/l (-0.2 percent).

It should be noted that the prices were reduced only at filling stations “OKKO” and “WOG”:

petroleum OKKO WOG
Gasoline A-95 -0,1 UAH/l (-0,32%) -0,2 UAH/l (-0,65%)
DT -0,2 UAH/l (-0,64%) -0,1 UAH/l (-0,34%)

In Ukraine the price level of diesel fuel on the above date decreased by 0,03 UAH / l, or 0.11%, and for gasoline A-95 – 0.01 UAH/l, or 0.03%.

Earlier it was reported that AMC has ordered binding recommendations for the 8 major gas station to reconsider within 10 days of the retail price of diesel fuel and gasoline.

“Given the significant influence of the markets of oil and petroleum products to all sectors of the national economy, energy security and standard of living of the population, the AMC has taken such are required to consider the recommendations of above mentioned companies”, — stated in the message of the Committee.

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