After the explosions in Arys, restoration work began

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Svetlana Rodina


In Kazakhstan Arys began to rebuild houses destroyed during the explosions at the ammunition depot, transmits television channel “MIR 24”.

The city now has about a thousand builders. They have to fix almost all the houses. Remained intact, only 15 percent of the buildings. Several dozen private houses burned to ashes, they will rebuild.

All work by order of the President of the country should be completed by 1 August. In addition, each resident will pay compensation of 100 thousand tenge – about $ 260. Funds were allocated from Republican and regional budgets, and also from the corporate social Fund, which was opened for assistance to the affected city.

“At 12 noon in the Fund of assistance to residents of Arys received 1 billion 212 million 830 thousand tenge. The journalists asked all the time how much is spent. To date from this Fund we no dime has not spent and will not spend. Because this Fund has been created at the expense of one-day wages of the sponsors. Daily enumeration of citizens for the residents of Arys. So we all the money in this Fund until a dime has send the residents of this city,” said Zholdymurat Amanbayev, Deputy Governor of the Turkestan region.

Because of the tragedy in the city, the capital of Kazakhstan has canceled the majority of festive events dedicated to city Day.