After their father, the brothers Rémillard in the crosshairs of the irs

Après leur père, les frères Rémillard dans la mire du fisc

After their father, the inland revenue has its sights on the brothers Rémillard who allegedly used a trust to transfer $ 50 million to Barbados, and thus pay less tax in Québec.

According to the Canada revenue Agency (CRA), Maxime Rémillard and his brother Julian would be the administrators of the hidden trust, the montreal name of Trust Historia. The exchequer and the two men are currently in litigation before the tax Court of canada.

Julien and Maxime Rémillard, seen here in 2009 shortly after the acquisition of TQS, are targeted by the Canada revenue Agency in connection with transfers of$ 50 Million in Barbados a trust of which they are two of the beneficiaries.

The two brothers Rémillard made themselves known to the general public in 2008 with the acquisition of the tv channel in trouble TQS, renamed V.

The trust has allocated the sums of $ 30 million in 2013 and $ 20 million in 2015, at the father of the two men, Lucien Rémillard, installed in Barbados since November 2013. This small country in the Antilles is considered a tax haven.

Officially, the trust’s Historia is managed by three trustees, including a senior leader of V, Tony Porrello, and a senior executive officer of Remcorp (a company of Maxime Rémillard), Tony Fionda.

On order of the Rémillard

However, the brothers Rémillard had kept the control over the trust, alleged that the tax department.

They have signed an agreement providing that the three managers had to act according to their wishes, and consult with them before making any decision.

If they opposed the wishes of the brothers Rémillard, the directors had to resign, we learn in the documents cited in the procedure.

As they are also beneficiaries of the trust, the brothers Rémillard did not have the right to have control over its management, according to the inland revenue.

“From 15 November 2013, the brothers Rémillard are […] become both beneficiaries and “trustees of the de facto” of the Trust [Historia] […] contrary to the requirements […] of the civil Code of Quebec “, argues the ARC in the documents filed by the lawyers of Rémillard.

Jean-François Cloutier, a journalist with the Bureau of investigation, talked about the investigation of the tax authorities to the brothers Rémillard with Geneviève Pettersen, on the waves of QUB Radio.

Tax bill reduced

Sending $ 50 million in Barbados has enabled the trust Historia declare a loss and thus significantly reduce its tax bill.

The federal agency has challenged this move and has sent in 2017 of a new notice of assessment to the trust.

The lawyers of the Rémillard believe that everything is done legally and that the managers of the Trust Historia “have not abdicated their free will” in the face of the brothers Rémillard.

According to them, it is to keep certain tax advantages and to avoid losing the control of the trust that the brothers Rémillard have entered into an agreement with the trustees.

“The Canada revenue Agency has no interest in the administration of the affairs of the trust “, say they.

In parallel, Maxime Rémillard is awaiting the approval of another arm of government, the Council of radio-television and telecommunications commission (CRTC), to sell the chain V Bell.

Their father also

The father of Maxime and Julien Rémillard, Lucien, is itself subject to a CRA audit in the last three years, revealed our Bureau of investigation last week.

The businessman, who made his fortune in the waste disposal, supports to have become a resident of Barbados so that the tax continues to depict it in documents such as a canadian resident.

The saga in a few dates

2002 : The Trust Historia is incorporated in Quebec.

July 2013 : RCI Environnement, a company landfill belonging to Lucien Rémillard, was sold to the giant american Waste Management.

August 2013 : A part of the money from the sale of the RCI resulted in a company by the name of Maybach Corporation.

October 2013 : The Trust Historia receives$ 30 Million Maybach.

November 2013 : Lucien Rémillard is established in Barbados.

December 2013 : The Trust Historia pays$ 30 Million to Lucien Rémillard.

October 2015 : Maybach pays$ 20 Million to Historia.

October 2015 : Historia pays$ 20 Million to Lucien Rémillard.

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