After This and The Dark Tower, The Talisman, Stephen King will also be entitled to his movie






It’s funny how everyone seems to remember the existence of Stephen King for a year. While we at EcranLarge, we think about it all the time. Even we spend all our summers in the woods to re-create the scenes of his novels, with masks of owls and…. uh… we’ll stop there.

After that, it is rather logical as it does not go a month without a new rumor of an adaptation of his stories do garnisse our columns of news. And if the projects are multiplying and that we had the very nice Jessie a few days ago, it should not be forgotten that all this is likely to intensify thanks to the success of Ca, which definitely has decided to please all the world, to the point of already make one forget the failure of The Dark Tower this summer.



Besides, if we still do not know with precision what will happen to the future adventures of the Gunslinger, the studios do not lose time, as we learn today, via Variety, that another one of his works will be brought to the screen : The Talisman. And there, it is a bit particular since the novel of 1985 is not the mere fact of the King, having been co-written with novelist Peter Staub.

In The Talisman, we follow the adventures of young Jack Sawyer, who moved with his mother in a hotel in New Hampshire to escape the harassment of an associate of his dead father. Because his mother is dying of cancer, Jack seeks a way to help and meets Speedy Parker, a mysterious keeper of an amusement park who tells him that another world exists, in the Territories, in which is found the Talisman, the only artifact capable of saving his mother.

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A story that is especially touching that has had a sequel in 2001, the Territories, and which should soon accommodate a third pane. The feature film will be produced by the studio Amblin, Frank Darabont is in the case and the script is currently being written by Josh Boone between two shots of its next film, New Mutants.

For the little story, Boone was also in charge of the remake of the Scourge before the project was paused. If no date has been announced for the moment, we can afford to wait to learn more with some impatience, saw the names mentioned.