Again and again, “covidiots”

Encore et toujours des «covidiots»

Again and always, “covidiots” is reported in the news, contributing to the exasperation of the majority of the population that follows the rules of containment. Here are the cases that have caught our attention this week.

Rael, a “con-over” ?

Addressing more than 350 of his followers through the internet, the guru Rael encouraged them to get outside and not be ” con-finished “.

“I am completely hostile to the containment, has launched the man of 73 years who is not his first controversy. Freedom for me is never negotiable. “

Claude Vorilhon, his real name, has also tried to diminish the importance of the virus, in a video that lasts more than 22 minutes.

According to him, there is no need for action against the COVID-19.

“Our body defends itself, it does not need anything. […] Welcome the bacteria, welcome viruses, you are going to build ! ” he said.

He also believes that information is a ” poison “.

“We’re going to talk to you about those who die, would be better to speak of those who live,” concluded Rael, when, according to him, the remedy is simply… happiness.

30 000 $ fine for close to Hells

Members of organized crime — close to the Hells Angels — have made the mistake of holding a meeting in a restaurant in Vaudreuil-Dorion in the midst of a crisis of the COVID-19.

The many vehicles in front of the restaurant have attracted the attention of police officers of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ), which provided a total of 19 violations of 1546 $ each.

In the evening of 24 April, the police have played the spoiler during a meeting in which took part of the influential members of organized crime to the west of the Montérégie.

According to our information, nearly twenty people were inside the Italian restaurant Trattoria Lanni, on the rue Saint-Charles.

Among them, there were particular individuals that gravitate into the entourage of the Hells Angels who have a lot of influence on the traffic of narcotic substances in this region.

Since this closed meeting was an illegal gathering under the measures put forward by the public health, the forces of the order were issued that evening nearly a score of tickets totaling close to $ 30, 000, has confirmed that the SQ.

No arrest has, however, been done during the intervention.

Attached to the phone, the owner of the restaurant Trattoria Lanni accuses the police of having lied, and according to him, his business has “never” welcomed meeting of the members of the organized crime.

“It is completely false,” has thundered Alberto Lanni.

Mr. Lanni argues that all measures are taken within the restaurant to ensure that the measures of distancing physics are respected among the staff.

“The people order, come and pick up their food, pay and then leave. With the pandemic, we just our best to survive, ” he insisted.

“People do business since 1960 and we’ve never had problems with the law. It has received the world as Ginette Reno, Lucien Bouchard and René Lévesque, but not of people of organized crime “, he added.

A man drinks of Purell

After a party illegal, and an evening much too boozy, a man of 30 years of Sherbrooke has decided to end the while chowing down on the Purell before the police come to put an end to the feast.

“There were five people and several bottles of alcohol around the inside, which gave the impression that the party was not fair to begin with. Four of them have worked, except the accused, who was highly intoxicated “, told the agent Samuel Ducharme, a spokesman for the police in sherbrooke.

However, it appears that the thirty-year-old has been drinking hand sanitizer throughout the evening, which is very bad for the health. It has, therefore, been taken to the hospital, where it was judged that his life was not in danger.

The five lads have all been punished with a fine of 1546 $ under the public health Act.

She pretends to spit on police officers

It is always a bad idea to yell that it was the COVID-19 in front of peace officers.

A woman of Quebec who shouted “COVID-19” and is scraped off the throat, leaving him to believe that she was going to spit on the police officers ended up with a litany of accusations on the back.

Since the Quebec city prison, where she is imprisoned, Jenna-Lee Martineau-Boisclair pleaded guilty Thursday to counts of assault, threat, assault on a peace officer and non-compliance of commitment.

She has been punished with a prison sentence totalling 21 days with a probation period of two years with follow-up for 18 months.

It will also have to perform 100 hours of community work.

Listen to the police or public health ?

The police and public Health are not always on the same wavelength.

It is this that has been able to find a doctor montreal reached the COVID-19 when he was told to leave his home to move his car, despite the instruction of isolation required and the state of his health.

Cédrik Gignac thought doing well by contacting your neighbourhood station to inform the officers that he could not get out to move his vehicle and thereby comply with the parking restrictions in force, because it has received a positive result for the sars coronavirus.

“I was asked to go out twice a week, wearing a mask, to move my car, and therefore contravene my order of confinement,” says the one who is a doctor resident in a hospital centre in montreal.

It has however received a clear order to the public Health, intimating to stay at his home.

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