Against Ukrainian soldiers in the Donbass, the enemy has deployed a “new weapon” (VIDEO)

Против украинских бойцов на Донбассе враг задействовал «новое оружие» (ВИДЕО)

Custom snipers appeared on the enemy side in the Donbass.

Russian occupation forces continued shelling positions of Ukrainian troops. All agreements concern them little.

In Marinka, the enemy shooting all the time — every day and every night. On the evening of 13 July, the Pro-Russian rebels opened fire on our positions. Strelba was carried out until two in the morning from different calibers.

“The enemy opened fire from different positions. Changes the position, opened fire, moves to another position,” said the soldier with the Callsign “Major”.

Also APU fighters reported frequent use of enemy grenades.

“Vogy, GP-25 “poured” very often they. Recently started to use RPG,” the military added image.

Против украинских бойцов на Донбассе враг задействовал «новое оружие» (ВИДЕО)

Now getting thicker so-called “Zelenka” – the dense thickets of plants, where it is convenient to hide the snipers. The men say that recently the enemy side went custom sniper team.

“The intelligence that we received recently, now came the girls from the national team on biathlon of the Russian Federation. And they are now active operations against us,” said Ukrainian soldier Oleg.

Donbass is being used by Russia as a testing ground for new weapons.

“This mine was the last generation of the Russian Federation. When we looked in Wikipedia, this is a new development. Just now tried and it systematically trying to start mass production in 2020 year. But this mine our guys are already held in hand”, – told one of the soldiers APU.

Ukrainian defenders of the various units note that on all fronts the enemy is daily increasing the intensity of the attacks. The so-called “bread peace”, apparently, ends.

Против украинских бойцов на Донбассе враг задействовал «новое оружие» (ВИДЕО)

We will remind, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin did not dare to go on the offensive to Ukraine, even after the world Cup. This opinion was expressed by the volunteer regiment “Azov” from Croatia Denis Scheller, who for four years fighting in the Donbas.

Prior to this, a number of experts acted with frightening forecasts immediately after the 2018 world Cup in Donbas might begin worsening, as Russia will no longer have to worry about its image in the international arena and will go to an open attack.

However, Scheler does not share this view. He is confident that the Kremlin will not dare to open aggression, as this would have too much influence on the geopolitical situation in the world.

It was also reported that people close to Vladimir Putin, made a reservation, when the President of the Russian Federation openly bring troops to the Donbass.

Well-known Russian public figure and scientist, who is called the person of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, Sergei Markov live called date, when Russia openly intervened in the conflict in the Donbass.

This statement has sounded on air of the program “Hour of truth” on “Echo of Moscow”. A video posted by the blogger Sergey Zaporozhye in Facebook.

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