Agencies meeting déconfinent

Les agences de rencontre se déconfinent

Agencies meeting are starting to take over the service, then that celibacy has been painful for more than one during the confinement.

“The only people have suffered a lot. Our customers were very excited to come back. I have not felt any of the nervousness. There was also a lot of new registrations,” said Murielle Poitras, owner of the agency Agreement, which notes that both men and women have suffered from the pandemic, and that they are also many to call on it.

The bawd went back a few weeks ago to organize his lunches-weekly meetings in a restaurant in Laval. She even had to advise again a few clients for dates in person. Of course, these activities are little affected by the social distancing.

“As my customer base has more than 35 years, I would say that everyone respects the distance. If I was working with young people, this would probably be different,” slid Mrs. Poitras, recognizing, however, that the context is not really conducive to reconciliation.

In the last brunch, it was also observed that singles had great difficulties to talk about other things of the COVID-19, a subject is generic, which does not so much better to know the personality of the suitor.

Not worried about his survival

In 27 years of career, Murielle Poitras admits to being a little overwhelmed by the crisis, especially as the coronavirus that caused him to lose the spring, usually the most lucrative of the year for his agency.

But no matter, Ms. Poitras knows that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. After all, it has survived the arrival of the internet.

“When the dating sites arrived, I had a hollow wave, but my number of clients does not move from year to year. Often, people who come to us have already gone through the sites and applications meeting. I’m not saying that it doesn’t work, but there is a lack of human contact,” added the one who no longer fears today the Tinder and Badoo of this world.

Pandemic of loneliness

Jacqueline Side, which has an agency for people of the third age, does not share this enthusiasm when she thinks about the following things. A good part of its clientele are always afraid of the virus and is not yet ready to start their search to find a soul mate.

“Many of my clients live in NURSING homes and they do not want to return until it gets back to not normal. It is happening again, but very easy,” said Ms. Hand, who now hosts the first meetings by telephone, pandemic is forcing.

She said not to be able again to resume the dinners hot dog at her home in Repentigny. The traditional corn roast is also outstanding, a question that breaks the heart.

“There’s a lot of loneliness in the elderly. People call me just to talk. It is important to know that there are older people who do not speak to anyone of their day,” laments one that plays the Cupid for the past ten years.

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