Agrarians ask Parliament before the end of the year to cancel the licenses on the storage of fuel

Аграрии просят Раду до конца года отменить лицензии на хранение топлива

The Association “Ukrainian club of agrarian business” encourages lying to Ukraine as soon as possible to consider and adopt on second reading and in General bill No. 2317 to improve the administration of excise tax on fuel.

As stated in the ASTP, bill No. 2317 was recommended by profile Committee to acceptance for a basis and as a whole, but yesterday’s vote, it was decided to send it to a second reading, albeit with a reduced period for the submission of amendments.

“If the deputies did not have time to take this bill on the next of this year’s last plenary week, all farmers and Industrialists, not having a license for the storage of fuel, will receive a fine of 500 thousand UAH from January 1, 2020”, — commented General Director of UCAB Roman Sweets.

This bill improves the operation of the system of electronic administration implementation of fuel and ethyl alcohol (SEATSA) and the simplification of licensing conditions for economic entities. In particular, it is proposed to amend the legislation of Ukraine, which are very important for activities of agricultural enterprises, namely:

1) equivalent to their own consumption the use of fuel for refueling of vehicles under contract;

2) changes to the procedure for obtaining a license for fuel storage entities exclusively for their own consumption, replacing the representation of a package of documents for application procedure with the total capacity of the tanks (vessels).

“These changes are very important for the sector because the rules that came into effect 01.07.2019 obliged farmers who use the fuel solely for own needs, to obtain a license for the storage of fuel. While the acquisition of these licenses have provided virtually the same procedure and documents as for those who carries out wholesale and retail trade”, — noted in the Association.

Also, according to the ASTP, it is important to take these changes on storage of fuel for own consumption, due to the fact that from 1 January 2020, begin to act the penalties for possession of fuel without a license, which is 500 thousand UAH. After all, many enterprises of the agrarian sector, especially small and medium are unable to form a package of documents in accordance with applicable law, because of the need to invest heavily to develop all necessary technical documentation.

“Given the above, we urge lawmakers to consider the interests of farmers and to the end of the year to consider and adopt this bill,” — summed up in ASTP.

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