Agreement as “historic” on a comprehensive plan to revive the american economy

Accord «historique» sur un vaste plan de relance de l'économie américaine

WASHINGTON | The White House and the u.s. Senate have reached in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday an agreement “historic” on a massive scheme of revival of the world’s largest economy, hard-hit by the pandemic of sars coronavirus, said the head of the republican majority.

“After days of intense discussions, the Senate reached an agreement between the two parties [democrat and republican] on a historical level of support in the face of this pandemic. We approve this text later today,” said republican senator Mitch McConnell in the chamber.

The hour of the vote has not yet been set for Wednesday. This plan must then be adopted by the House of representatives, controlled by democrats, before being promulgated by the us president, Donald Trump.

“It will send up new resources on the front lines of the battle for health is conducted by our country. And it will inject trillions of dollars of liquidity into the economy as fast as possible, to help the families of american workers, small businesses, and industries through the storm and to re-surface the other side, ready to take off”, he added.

The leader of the minority democrat in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, has also welcomed the agreement reached between the two parties “on the largest bailout in american History”.

While first-world economy is probably already in a recession, these measures will mobilize around us $ 2 000 billion. The official text, and its encryption accurate, had not been published at the announcement of the agreement.

But these measures respond to the “four priorities”, emphasized Mitch McConnell.

“They will provide quick financial assistance to Americans, through checks paid directly to middle-class households to households with lower incomes, and by strengthening the unemployment benefits.

This point was one of the key demands of the democrats. Chuck Schumer welcomed the employees, but also the self-employed workers made unemployed receive, on average, their full salary for four months.”

“In this critical situation [the plan] will provide a support of history to the real economy us, through billions of dollars of emergency loans so that more small businesses are able to survive and continue to pay their employees,” said Mr. McConnell.

The plan “will allow us to consolidate our economic base and stabilize key sectors of national to prevent as many layoffs as possible, while forcing the large companies to account,” he added.

“And, of course, it will provide a major aid to hospitals and medical centres, invest in new treatments and vaccines so that we can defeat this virus faster and send more equipment and more masks to the heroes on the front line, who put themselves in danger to take care of their patients,” said Mitch McConnell.

The senator has spent a language warrior, hammering that “this is an investment worthy of a time of war,” that “men and women of the greatest country in the world will overcome the coronavirus” and that “the Senate will ensure that they have the ammunition they need to do it.”


Stock market rebound

In the wake of this agreement, the Tokyo Stock market ended Wednesday on a new gain dramatically, by more than 8 %. The optimism had already bounced off Tuesday on Wall Street, the Dow Jones registering its highest growth rate in a session in nearly 90 years.

The secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin and other emissaries of the White House were negotiating in the Capitol, seat of the Congress, with leaders, republican and democrat since Friday.

The us president, Donald Trump had called on Tuesday morning the Congress to “act immediately”. “The more it will take time, the more difficult it will be to restart the economy. Our workers are going to suffer,” he gazouillé.

Chastened by the profits to be judged indecent in which a number of economic actors have withdrawn from the plan of rescue of the crisis of 2008, the opposition democrat party demanded, in particular to the administration Trump an increased supervision of loans granted to large enterprises.

The president democrat in the House of representatives, Nancy Pelosi, appeared on Tuesday likely to approve a text that would be adopted by the Senate, if it was the result of a consensus and took into account the major priorities of the democrats.

The pandemic also affects the Congress, whose three members tested positive for the coronavirus, and at least a dozen in voluntary isolation.

The balance sheet is increasing rapidly in the United States, which dénombraient Tuesday evening, more than 800 people dead and more than 55 000 officially reported cases of COVID-19, according to the Johns Hopkins university, in which reference is made.


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