Aid too generous for the students, according to specialists

Une aide trop généreuse pour les étudiants, selon des spécialistes

Of Quebec’s employers express doubts concerning the new Delivery canadian emergency for students (PCUÉ), which is likely, according to them, complicate the recruitment of employees over the next few months.

Announced Wednesday, the service will offer 1250 $ per month (compared to $ 2000 for the PCU), from may to August, students and recent graduates without employment as well as those who perform employment income of least $ 1000 per month during the summer.

In other words, a student may work up to 19 hours per week at the minimum wage in Quebec (13,10 $ per hour), which represents an income of $ 995 per month, and still benefit from the help of Ottawa.

It is beyond 19 hours as this is corsica : for pocketing more than with the PCUÉ, the student must work no less than 44 hours paid per week.

“It is sure that some will prefer to stay at home,” observes the director-general of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés du Québec, Manon Poirier.

“An employee who is close to the minimum wage will have the same remuneration or almost as if it will work. This is a big problem, particularly in grocery stores and drugstores, areas where the demand [for human resources] is strong at the present time, ” explains she.

New crisis of labour ?

Even if the PCUÉ is still not available, and although she claims to deliver far more to its employees than the minimum wage, Tifa Jackson deplores this new program, which may it more difficult to recruit in many industries such as hers.

The human resources manager, Waterwell Irrigation, a montreal company, supports be unable to find young workers to meet the demand of its customers.

“The recruitment of workers has always been difficult, we work in a sector that is very physical. But this year, the response rate, it is almost zero ! It is said that there are more jobs, but this is not true. ”

“For us, the hiring rate is almost 100 %, we have all the time in the book. Give us a call “, she insists.

Despite the thousands of layoffs that have occurred over the last six weeks, Ms. Jackson continues : the message sent out by Justin Trudeau with the PCUÉ is, according to her, ” extremely wrong “. “The students met seem shocked by the idea of manual labor and having to work long hours outside. The feeling is not limited to students, but covers the whole range from young adults to experienced workers who do not think just not that they should have to work hard. “

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