Air Canada is demanding a relaxation of the rules of quarantine

Air Canada réclame un assouplissement des règles de quarantaine

Anxious to resume its flight after months of confinement, Air Canada has called on Ottawa to relax the rules of quarantine for travellers from countries with few cases of COVID-19.

Currently, any traveller entering Canada must submit to a quarantine period of 14 days, a binding that is not conducive to travel. The canada-u.s. border remains closed to travel non-essential.

“The situation is becoming increasingly urgent. Canada has practically not changed its restrictions on quarantine since mid-march, despite the ongoing improvements that have helped to contain the spread of the virus in our country and many others,” argued in an open letter to the physician-in-chief of Air Canada, Dr. Jim Chung

According to the proposal of Air Canada, Ottawa could alleviate its measures for countries with a number of new cases of COVID-19 per capita similar to or lower than the Canada, with a declining trend. The list of these countries would be updated every two weeks.

Thus, 56 countries might be exempted, was advanced to Air Canada, including several european destinations (France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland), Australia, Japan and South Korea.

Recall that the european Union has reopened its borders to travellers from certain countries, including Canada, there are about two weeks.

Other destinations, such as China or the United Kingdom, does not account for, however, not a place on the list of the carrier.

“Given the current difficulties in the United States in the fight against the virus, we do not propose to loosen the restrictions at the canada-u.s. border for the time being,” added Dr. Chung.

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