Air conditioning and climate control car: what’s the difference?

Will tell You about the differences of the principles of operation of automotive air conditioning and climate control.

Кондиціонер та клімат-контроль автомобіля: яка між ними різниця?

Whether to use car demand from potential buyers, influences and comfort while in his cabin. And whatever luxury saloon, whatever materials are not used for finishing, but if the inside temperature is too low or too high in winter in the summer heat, the pleasure machine to deliver will not be. Automakers understand this, and therefore, modern cars equipped with climatic systems and the systems of conditioning and ventilation, informs Rus.Media.

The differences between air conditioning and climate control

First, it is worth noting that the difference between these two concepts is very significant. Many people confuse these things through their similar basic function – maintain a comfortable temperature inside the cabin of the car. You should know that the air conditioner was invented and began to be set on the car much earlier than the climate control. Much later came the system that controls the climate in the cabin, and it contains much more: the air conditioning and the stove and other devices for temperature control in the cabin. And some cars even have a built-in air ionizer!

Automotive air conditioning

The air conditioner is designed only for cooling the air space inside the car. Having a special temperature sensor outside, air conditioning will not turn on if the ambient temperature drops below a certain value. After switching on the conditioning intensity of his work is governed by the speed of the fan. The interior cools more when you increase the speed of his work. Note – a clogged cabin filter may not pass a sufficient amount of cooling air, and many motorists in a hurry on special service, although it is enough just to change the cabin filter.

If necessary heat the cabin heat comes from the stove and the car accelerates with the same fan.

You need to add that before the supply air (whether warm or cold) into the cabin the air conditioner is running it is pre-dried prior to cooling or heating.

Is controlled by the unit or manual mechanical switch or buttons on the panel. It depends on the model of your car.

Climate control system

The climate control is different from the conventional air conditioner that can maintain in the vehicle a constant set temperature that is set using the control system, it is also responsible for the intensity of the conditioning, the stove and fan.

Climate control has in its design a few embedded systems, interconnected using electronic control unit, which with the help of sensors monitors unotron temperature and humidity, and external temperature and humidity, respectively. Some climate control systems, even solar radiation from the outside, but it is rather useless option.

In addition to having an electronic control unit (ECU) other differences between the two described above concepts and there, but the ECU and makes it more comfortable stay in the cabin of a vehicle fitted with climate control. All that is required of the driver to set a comfortable temperature and all. The operation of stove, air conditioning and a speed of the fan, switching air flows between the ducts (feet, face, glass, etc.) will no longer distract you from the road (it will do everything for you ECU), and thus this system is still to some extent will increase the safety of movement.

The principle of operation of the ECU

Special sensors installed in the car and beyond, read the data and transmit them to the ECU. He, in turn, analyzes the information and compares the received data with a preset driver’s temperature. Next, the ECU, seeing the difference between the desired and the actual, makes a calculation of the necessary actions and have already or will add or decrease the oven temperature, or increase or decrease the intensity of the airflow and direct air to specific vent. At the same time, oddly enough, reduced fuel consumption, because the operation of the fan and the stove will not be valid on the minimum values that require less electricity produced by the generator, which in turn leads to lower fuel consumption.

Controls air conditioning and climate control

Conventional automotive air conditioning is controlled manually. Usually on the dashboard there is a button with a picture of a snowflake or the characters “A / C”. The compressor of the air conditioner by pressing on these buttons. The climate control is switched on is usually the “Auto” button. After clicking it analyzes the temperature in the passenger compartment, and the ECU triggers certain actions to bring the indices to the installed driver. Set parameters or knob or buttons “+” and “-” on the control panel of the climate.

Features of the winter operation of the climate control

On different models of vehicles have different systems of climate control that have the features of winter use. For example, in winter during warming up the engine, some systems may not be served in salon cold air, although he can go on air cooling Central forced glass, and as the engine warms up gently start to apply it to the salon. Some systems in the winter movement we try to provide warm air in the face of the driver when adequate heating of the cabin, believing that it will be comfortable to move around.

Some systems, for example, serves the air to the windshield with the air conditioning off, considering that it will fog up. In General, every system is different.

How to best use the climate control

For the most effective climate control is necessary to monitor the condition of his radiator. You need to carry out regular cleaning to remove dirt, which usually settle disease-causing microbes able to live in the respiratory system of a person passing through the ducts of the car. For such cleaning, don’t need a lot of effort, but the effect of it will be significant. We also offer special formulations (smoke “checkers”) for cleaning of ventilation systems. Its sense that close all Windows and doors, turn on the air conditioning to maximum power with an air intake from the cabin and opened the checker. The smoke from it is sucked into the ventilation system, there by killing bacteria.

To achieve the most efficient operation in the summer of air conditioning systems is possible only with tightly closed Windows and sunroof. Then turn on the recirculation mode to prevent the car constantly wasting energy on cooling the hot outside air. But it is necessary at least every half hour to enable the air intake from the street to get a fresh dose of oxygen.

If you can get hot from long standing in the heat of the car, it is on the contrary, to use only outside air so as not to force the car to cool the hot unotron air. After getting the car and the air inside it cools down you can turn on the recirculation mode.