Air-conditioning in the NURSING homes: “it is linking up with the abuse institutional”

Climatisation des CHSLD: «ça s’associe à de la maltraitance institutionnelle»

On the eve of a heatwave which is announced in the next three days, several agencies and stakeholders to sound the alarm to demand that NURSING homes be quickly fitted with an air conditioning system.

“I think the situation is so intolerable. And it was predictable. It is this that bursts the heart the most,” launches Me Danielle Chalifoux, president of the Institute for care planning in Quebec.

It was reacting on Monday to the antenna of LCN, to interview a resident of the accommodation centre Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci in the course of which he told, in particular, that the temperatures could go up to 50 degrees Celsius in a room without air conditioning.

Me Chalifoux calls for the government to act quickly in order to avoid that the heat does not become an additional burden in the current context of the COVID-19.

Last year, according to it, 90 people died during a heat wave.

“This question of heat, which is accentuated and worsened with the COVID, it is a question, according to me, of obligation, of rights patients have the right to the security and comfort in their room and who don’t have it in the moment,” laments she.

Cool the corridors

The solution that was adopted in the majority of the CHSLD for the refreshment of the residents in periods of big heat was to gather in an air conditioned room.

However, due to the pandemic, this measure is not an option for the summer season ahead.

“In a period of COVID, the extraordinary measure which they adopted, that is to say, to bring together all the world like animals in a local refrigerated at each floor, it will not work because of the COVID,” says mr. Paul Brunet, president of the Council of the protection of the sick.

The solution proposed by many is to freshen up the corridors, a measure that can be implemented quickly, believes Ms. Chalifoux.

“Install air conditioners at least in the corridors to cool off a bit the corridors and that it will go a little in the rooms, it seems to me that this would be possible, in any case, consider this in the short term,” she said.

The latter underlines that it is also urgent to act because the heat waves are likely to multiply in the coming years.

“The heat wave, it is a thing that is predictable, it happens every year and not only it happens every year, but it will be more acute to the extent that there is global warming,” insists Me Chalifoux.

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