Air Transat accused to take advantage of the crisis

Air Transat accusé de profiter de la crise

Workers in a call centre Air Transat accuse the airline to take advantage of the health crisis, to lower their wages and slash their pension funds, that denies the manufacturer in quebec.

“I’m afraid of having to start at zero. We could lose $ 5 per hour. We don’t know if we will keep our pension plan, ” said the Newspaper, a worker at a call centre Air Transat, who demanded anonymity for fear of reprisals from her employer.

In mid-may, more than 160 employees in the call centre Air Transat the airport learned that they were going to lose their jobs in the fall because of the COVID-19. Two months later, some were told that they will be able to go to work in another call center non-union the city centre.

For Stéphane Lacroix, a spokesperson for the Teamsters, Air Transat has abolished these positions for others to build on the cheap, it denounces a coup of grievances. “We want to make money on their back leaving the union “, he lamented.

“Business decision “

Contacted by The Newspaper, Air Transat has confirmed the closure of its call centre to the airport, but it has ensured that all its employees, unionized or not, is alive and well on the ” group insurance and contributions to pensions “.

“The closure of the information Centre and seat selection [ISSC] and the consolidation of our calls within a single call centre [is] a business decision, has nothing to do with the fact that this group is unionized. It is the pandemic, which, unfortunately, is disappearing jobs, ” said its vice-president, public affairs, Christophe Hennebelle.

More than 5000 people working for Transat prior to the pandemic, including 3,000 at Air Transat and 2000 non-union in his other companies. Its call centre to the airport has 160 employees, and the one in the centre of the city, 400.

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