Air Transport: dropped by Air Canada, the regions are launching an SOS

Transport aérien: larguées par Air Canada, les régions lancent un SOS

Air Canada has “abandoned” the Quebec by eliminating connections to key regional, and this, after having received a government loan of nearly$ 800 Million, deplores the political class. Several elected officials are dreaming now of an air carrier quebec major.

“If Air Canada is abandoning the regions, it is time for Quebec to abandon Air Canada. It takes an alternative in quebec to serve the regions of Quebec”, has thundered the interim leader of the Parti québécois and mna for Matane Pascal Bérubé. The elected representative is directly affected with the closing of the counter of Air Canada at the airport of Mont-Joli.

At this moment Canada has some restrictions to be able to enter the country, before buying the air tickets we recommend you to check this website to ensure that you have all the requirements in place.

The list of recriminations in the place of the “national carrier” is long. We reproach him for his non-compliance with the French, and the absence of refund of cancelled flights during the pandemic.

The abandonment of a series of regional routes on Wednesday, however, is the drop that makes the vase overflow. Air Canada recalls the context of the pandemic, but some closures are permanent, denounces the mna Bérubé.

A hard blow

This decision will have economic impacts, tourism, and even medical. “It sends a message that is very negative on the access to our regions,” said Mr. Bérubé.

The mp solidarity Vincent Marissal abounds in the same direction. “They behave like bums. They decide that they cut off the line, well they cut the line without any check”, he denounced.

As for the Parti québécois, Québec solidaire believes that the government of Québec must make a reflection on the regional transportation, bruised by the cuts of Orleans Express, VIA Rail, and now Air Canada.

“There is a trauma with the failure of Québecair in the 1970s and 1980s, but it is necessary to ask the question today,” Mr. Marissal.

It takes a carrier here

The mayor of the Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Jonathan Lapierre, also deplores the decision “irresponsible” to Air Canada.

Also considering the creation of a regional carrier: “It is absolutely necessary that we come to hold our independence in terms of transport in the regions”, he said.

On the government side Legault, the office of the minister of Transport, François Bonnardel, has pointed out, in an exchange of e-mail, that “most of the areas are served by regional carriers other than Air Canada, for example, Pascan, Air Creebec or Air Binding”. Mr. Bonnardel has declined the interview request from the Journal.

  • LISTEN to the interview to Yani Gagnon, vice-president of Pascan, at QUB Radio:

Quebec announced last summer, the program helps to service regional airline of$ 22.5 Million, then a help of$ 40 Million in the wake of the pandemic, as well as a program of$ 100 Million to upgrade regional airports.

But the cuts Air Canada will have a significant impact on these facilities, ” warns Pascal Bérubé. “Airports are living in the presence of the counters. Air Canada withdraws, it is a big blow”, he dropped.

—With Kathryne Lamontagne

Routes abandoned by Air Canada in Quebec

  1. Baie-Comeau – Montreal
  2. Baie-Comeau – Mont-Joli
  3. Gaspé – Îles-de-la-Madeleine
  4. Gaspé – Quebec
  5. Sept-Îles – Quebec
  6. Val-d’or – Montreal
  7. Mont-Joli – Montreal
  8. Rouyn-Noranda – Val-d’or

End complete of the following stations

  1. Gaspé
  2. Baie-Comeau
  3. Mont-Joli
  4. Val-d’or
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