Airbnb boosts its hygiene rules to reassure its customers

Airbnb renforce ses règles d'hygiène pour rassurer ses clients

Airbnb unveiled on Monday a new protocol for cleaning and disinfection of the dwellings listed on its platform in the hopes of reassuring its customers and to leave the reservations, which have suffered a blow with the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

This initiative, to be launched in may, provides for the grant of a certification to the guests who completed a training on the new hygiene rules, developed on the basis of the recommendations of the u.s. health authorities and health experts.

“So that governments manage the health crisis and have begun to consider the restrictions to be put in place before you reauthorize the travel, we have been actively preparing to Airbnb to support our community and prepare for the future of tourism, by focusing on health and prevention,” highlighted the company in a press release.

Airbnb provides that members offering housing to receive “specific information on the prevention of Covid-19, such as the use of personal protective equipment, such as masks and gloves for guests or those who are the household, as well as disinfectants approved by the regulatory authorities”, explains Airbnb.

They will also recommend to wait 24 hours between each client.

The guests who could not adhere to the protocol or to receive certification will be able to opt for a period of vacancy of 72 hours between each client.

They will be able to clearly identify if their host has received a certification, is awaiting as many as 72 hours between each occupant, or chooses not to adhere to the new protocol.

Airbnb, one of the pioneers of the sharing economy, has lifted at the beginning of April, $ 1 billion to prepare for the post-crisis.

The company has also released the end of march, $ 250 million to mitigate the financial losses of the hosts who rented their accommodation through its platform and that have been confronted with a wave of cancellations.

“Although we can never fully eliminate the risks of the trip and that the science is constantly evolving, this initiative (on the new rules of hygiene) is designed to support and protect our partners”, stressed the company.

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