Airbnb lays off a quarter of its employees in the world

Airbnb licencie un quart de ses employés dans le monde

SAN FRANCSICO | The boss of Airbnb, has been hit hard by the pandemic of sars coronavirus and containment measures, announced Tuesday, to its employees, the dismissal of approximately 25 % of its 7,500 employees in the world, according to a memo published on the website of the group.

“We are experiencing a collective crisis, the most painful of our lives,” said Brian Chesky, co-founder of the platform of reservation of accommodation.

Airbnb has “been hit hard” by the epidemic which has put a stop to travel in the world, with the revenue forecasts for this year, “less than half” of those generated in 2019, he added in a message to employees.

To cope with the crisis, the company has already raised $ 2 billion and reduced costs in all sectors, said Brian Chesky.

But the platform is faced with two hard realities: we don’t know when the trips will resume, and when they have done, this will be different, ” he explained to justify the nearly 1, 900 layoffs.

He also announced a pause of the group’s investments in its division of transportation and the project Airbnb Studios, and a reduction of investments in several integration projects of hotels and luxury properties in its offer.

According to Brian Chesky, this “refocusing” the business strategy will allow Airbnb to go back to the “roots and foundation” of the business, so that customers will want options that are closer to home, more secure, and less expensive, ” when the containment measures, which affect billions of people in the world, will be lifted.

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