Airports almost abandoned

Aéroports presque abandonnés

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It is the percentage decrease in arrivals of international travellers in most canadian airports for the last two weeks of march compared to the same period last year. The effects of the pandemic of the COVID-19 were especially felt in the second half of the month of march. The air carriers have had to suspend most of their flights after that Canada had closed its borders to international travellers on march 16 and the Us on 21 march.

These Statistics Canada data show that only 160,000 foreign visitors were recorded in the nine main airports in the country during the four weeks of march. The number of canadian residents returning to the country has decreased by 32% during the same period, from 1.4 million of people in 2019 to 960 000 in 2020.

Figure of the week : 9%

It is the decline in the gross domestic product (GDP) recorded in the month of march, according to estimates from Statistics Canada.

The pandemic of sars coronavirus could disrupt the economy and plunge Canada into a new recession. The shock of the beginning of the year could decrease the gross domestic product (GDP) of 5.1% in 2020, according to a scenario spelled out by the parliamentary budget officer in Ottawa. For the moment, the worst decline since the past 40 years in the canadian economy dates back to 1982, when GDP fell by 3.2 %.

This era was marked by the second oil shock of 1979, where the price of oil has more than doubled, and the recession of 1981-1982 recession.

The GDP also dipped during the recessions of 1991 (- 2.1 %) and 2009 (- 2,9 %), according to Statistics Canada.

– Sarah Daoust-Braun

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