Aisne: The head of the driver said something to the gendarmes

The mounties have been the eye (figure). — V. WARTNER / 20 MINUTES

Hard to go incognito in a village of 3,000 inhabitants. On Monday last, the constables of Nouvion-in-Thiérache, in the Aisne, have spotted a motorist who had lost his license a few days before. The man tried to escape, but in vain.

Constables spotters

Two constables patrolled the streets of the town when they noticed, around 18: 15, a motorist whose face was not unknown. They are, in fact, remembered that the driving licence of the gentleman had been simply canceled some time ago.

In the Face of this inconsistency, the military spotters have decided to control the individual. Except that the latter did not as well. The mounties have placed their car in front of their client for trying to make it stop, to no avail. The man made a sudden step back, stamping the car that was following him. He then pressed forward and put the gas, missing the aircraft struck one of the constables who had set foot on the ground.

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Not to worsen the situation, officials have squandered the motorist after, however, noted its license plate. Later in the evening, they simply visited the home of the hit and the pick as a flower.

Prison farm

The man, who was driving, therefore, without a licence and under the influence of alcohol while he was on parole, has been placed in police custody. Judged by appearance immediate, he was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment with a principal deposit. His car has also been seized.

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