AITX Railcar Services, LLC Expands in Brookhaven with an Investment of $ 23.36 million | Mississippi News and Politics

AITX Railcar Services, LLC Expands in Brookhaven with an Investment of $ 23.36 million |  Mississippi News and Politics

The company is creating 75 jobs in Lincoln County.

AITX Railcar Services, LLC is expanding into Brookhaven. The project is a corporate investment of $ 23.36 million and will create 75 jobs.

“AITX has been a valued employer in Southwest Mississippi for nearly five decades. The company’s latest expansion into Lincoln County serves as an excellent example of a supportive business environment and a strong workforce combining to provide companies like AITX with the right environment for lasting growth and success, ”said the Governor. Tate Reeves.

The company has had operations in Bude since 1974 and announced that it would locate a maintenance facility in Brookhaven in 2013. The Brookhaven facility currently complements the activities of the Bude facility by providing light maintenance activities, cleaning and light repair capabilities. ‘quick turn’ aimed at speeding up the commissioning of wagons. The Bude facility performs wreck repair, wheel and axle repair, cleaning, interior siding and painting services. AITX chose to expand at the Brookhaven location due to the availability of land at the company’s site and direct service from the CN Railroad. The expansion will enable a full range of services at the Brookhaven site for AITX customers, including heavy coatings and repairs.

“At AITX we value our excellent working relationship with Brookhaven, Lincoln County and the state of Mississippi,” said John C Ward, vice president of repair services for AITX. “We thank the Mayor’s Office, Lincoln County Board of Supervisors, Brookhaven-Lincoln County EDA Executive Director, MDA, and Governor Reeves for all of their support in bringing this expansion to Mississippi. We look forward to a long-term, successful operation at a full-service Brookhaven facility. “

The Mississippi Development Authority is providing assistance for the extension of a railroad branch.

“MDA is pleased to support AITX as the company brings 75 new jobs to Brookhaven. While 2020 was certainly full of challenges, 2021 is booming with new opportunities for the citizens of Mississippi, like these new jobs that AITX is creating, ”said MDA Executive Director John Rounsaville. “We appreciate the company’s leadership in choosing to grow in Mississippi and we are excited about its future growth and success. We are proud to see another announcement of new jobs in Southwest Mississippi and we applaud local leaders in the region for their efforts. “

AITX plans to fill the 75 new jobs within approximately two years after completing the expansion.

“On behalf of the Lincoln County Board of Supervisors and the City of Brookhaven, we are pleased that AITX has chosen to expand the Brookhaven facility,” added Garrick Combs, Executive Director of the Foundation for Industrial Development and the Chamber of Brookhaven-Lincoln County Commerce. “AITX is a great corporate citizen who continues to build on the legacy of a major employer and investor in Brookhaven and Southwest Mississippi.”