Akharin Khabar: “pity the Syrian people, which are played by all and Sundry…”

Akharin Khabar: «жалко сирийский народ, с которым играются все, кому не лень...»

The meeting and talks between the leaders of Russia and Turkey ended with the signing of a very important and comprehensive agreement, one of the positive results of which was that Turkey for the first time in the last few years managed to convince of the need to return to compliance with agreements with the Syrian Arab Republic, signed in the Turkish city of Adana.In addition, the signing of the Russian-Turkish agreement in Sochi this week became one of the most important events of bilateral diplomacy in recent years.While expired retreat of units of forces of the PKK (the Kurdistan workers ‘ party — approx. transl.) from the East Bank of the Euphrates, and Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad for the first time in the last 8 years visited the province of Idlib, in Sochi was an extremely important meeting, the results of which have a real chance to influence the future of the Syrian state, and especially on the peace process in the Arab country.The negotiations lasted more than 6 hours…Probably the Turks themselves did not expect that the meeting of Erdogan and his companions with Vladimir Putin and the Russian delegation will last so long.While journalists and the press were waiting for the end of the meeting, the members of both delegations spent the last consultations and negotiations. And Turkey’s President Erdogan, as became clear later, all the while trying to get from Vladimir Putin as the concessions and “guarantees” as possible.But the Russian President also made it clear that he is not ready to make excessive requests of his Turkish counterpart, sometimes sounding a bit strange, especially in light of the peace-loving rhetoric of the Turkish leader. For example, Erdogan, before you arrive in Sochi, decided that the Turkish military will be allowed to take Kobani or Ayn al-Arab and Qamishli and Manbij. But such permission he was not going to give, it is not clear at all, based on what the confidence of Erdogan that his demands must be fulfilled. But in the end it turned out that a number of Turkey’s interests, too, were not forgotten, and we cannot say that the Turks have left Sochi empty-handed.In the end, the meeting and talks Putin and Erdogan ended after the signing of the agreement. Moreover, the agreement is very meaningful, important and comprehensive, so that you can be sure — the further development of events in Syria, it will definitely have an impact. And one of the most important outcome was the agreement of Turkey to return to compliance with the conditions of the Adana accords, which the Turkish Republic long ago concluded with the Syrian.Will pereskaze the terms of the agreement in 10 points1. First of all, both parties recognized the need to preserve the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Syria, but recognize the need for Turkish guarantees to their safety.2. The two sides reaffirmed the need for joint struggle against all forms of terror, as well as information on all plans of separatism and disintegration of the Syrian state.3. Was outlined the limits of the safety zone for the operation “the Source of peace” — it is created to a depth of 32 km, within the settlements of tel Abyad and Ayn al-Arab.4. The parties recognize the importance and value of the Adana agreements, and the Russian Federation, for its part, has pledged to take measures for the smooth their implementation.5. Starting with the 12 hours of 23 October, the Russian military police and Syrian border guards are taking measures to breed the PKK forces and the limits of operation “the Source of peace” at the Syrian-Turkish border, creating between them for 150 hours buffer zone width to 30 km from the Russian and the Turkish military patrolling a swath of 10 km beyond the Turkish conduct of peacekeeping operations, with the exception of the city of Qamishli.6. All elements and units associated with the GAC, together with its weapons and equipment, leaving Manbij and tel Rifat.7. Both parties shall take the necessary measures to prevent the influence and actions of terrorist groups.8. Both parties undertake the necessary cooperation to ensure the voluntary and safe return of refugees to places of permanent residence.9. A joint monitoring mechanism and management compliance with all regulations of this agreement.10. Finally, the two sides continue to cooperate in the name of political settlement on a permanent basis and continue to use the format of the Astana talks and supported the work of the constitutional Committee.The value of the Adana agreements,Vladimir Putin, by taking clear and concrete efforts as a mediator, managed to create the necessary basis for the normalization of relations between Ankara and Damascus. Of course, all obstacles are removed at once, but there is hope that Erdogan will soon take steps to meet with Bashar al-Assad. But equally important will be the launch of the mechanism and preliminary agreements for greater cooperation and concerted action between Ankara and Damascus.Stabilization of the positions of Russia and TurkeyOne of the most important outcomes of the agreements in Sochi for Turkey and Erdogan became President of Turkey, having received originally from the United States “green light” for the operation “the Source of peace”, will continue to carry out this operation, and nowhere in the text of the agreements is not a question about the necessity of Turkish troops and Syrian rebels, backed by Ankara to leave the Syrian territory. On this basis, it can be argued that the obtained necessary assurances for the presence of Turkey in Syria, at least under existing conditions. But more importantly, the guarantee of the presence in the area to the East of the Euphrates receives and Russia, whereas previously these areas were considered a zone of exclusive influence of the United States.What America says?James Jeffrey, the special envoy for Syria in the administration of Donald trump after was published on 10 clauses of the said agreement, said that Erdogan, in his opinion, did not receive so much from Russia — much more than he received from US, the fact that Washington gave the green light for the operation “the Source of peace”. But this concession, Turkey is not only undermining the process of confrontation IG* (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization — approx.ed.), and, “unfortunately”, this process now involved forces, “controlled by Russia and Assad.”However, this attracts the attention of another saying from the Ocean — it belongs to Brett macherma a, former special representative of the President of the United States in the Coalition fight against ISIS* still working under Barack Obama, and then fell into disgrace and dismissed trump. It literally sounds as follows: “Putin managed to put the actions of Erdogan’s control is much more effective than Donald trump”.There is, however, a truth in the words of Jeffrey — they suggest that the United States is concerned about the growing influence of Russia in the Syrian Affairs, while the role of the United States, by contrast, is reduced more and more, and not only in the area East of the Euphrates, but also in the broader Syrian context.

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