Al, honey, Cahors — this mixture will raise even the dead! Is not a fairy tale

Алое, мед, кагор — эта смесь поднимет даже мертвого! — Это не сказки

A very nice, energetic old woman told: “…In 1985, after two operations I was discharged from the Oncology clinic and sent home to die, removing, as it turned out, 10 days of life.

At home, after spending two days in bed, I remembered the recipe for the treatment of the body part, where the main ingredient is aloe.

A piece of paper with a description of somewhere to hit, began to prepare from memory. Cut all the leaves in two 4-5 year old plants, washed them, wiped with gauze, cut spikes and missed through a meat grinder. Happened 2 years along with pulp.

Pulled from the cellar 3 kg of honey,

2 bottles of Cahors wine.

All is merged in a clean enameled basin, the well-stirred.

Enough for two three-liter banks. Tightly closed, wrapped in black jackets and put them in the cellar on the cement. How to insist and how to make forgotten.

After 10 days I got a jar, shake and bottling, drink 1 tbsp. spoon three times a day an hour before meals. Bottles kept in the refrigerator, wrapped in black.

Took this drug for a long time, and October went for a consultation. Then I found out that I predicted the doctors.

In the end there was discharge from the Oncology clinic and signed by its Director. It said that with a diagnosis of “cancer of the uterus in stages of gangrenous tissue breakdown” I was discharged as incurable, and when examined in the fall, I was perfectly healthy and gained weight 22 kg.

Further described used by me method of treatment, with some clarifications: to
slice aloe 5 days do not water.

Wine to use the red fortress of 16-18 degrees, or port wine (0,5 l).

The mixture infuse for 5 days.

Take 1 teaspoon the first five days, then 1 tbsp. spoon at least 2-3 weeks, but a desirable rate of 1.5 – 2 months.

It is important that from the first days of the patients there appetite. The same mix at the same dosage is recommended for the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis, stomach ulcers, and mental disorders and chronic blood diseases, gynaecological problems, paralysis, toothaches and headaches.

Method universal in the fight against chronic and acute lesions of the stomach, liver, intestines, heart. And may be not only curative but also preventive.

For the prevention enough
aloe – 350 g
honey – 600 g
wine – 350

Every five years, I have since recovered, make a tincture for prevention.

I am already 78 years old, but to die not in a hurry.
Collect different herbs, drinking tea from them, in the morning, doing over 40 minutes charging”.

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