Al Jazeera: the 13 points of us-Turkish agreement on Syria

Al Jazeera: 13 пунктов американо-турецкого соглашения по Сирии

Turkey and the United States reached an agreement on a ceasefire, the suspension of military operations “Source of peace” in the North of Syria and the withdrawal of Kurdish troops from “security zones”, which will come under the control of the Turkish army.This was announced following talks with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with the American delegation headed by Vice-President Mike Pence.In a joint statement, the United States and Turkey contains 13 items which relate to the Turkish military operation in Northern Syria, its impact and future.Below are the main provisions of Turkish-American agreement:1. The United States recognized the legitimate concerns of Turkey about security on its southern borders. In addition, the sides confirmed their relationship as allies in NATO.2. Countries agreed on the need for close coordination “on the basis of mutual interests” and fight against terrorists in the North-East of Syria.3. Turkey and the United States expressed its commitment to the protection of territories and population of the countries-members of NATO from all the threats on the basis of the principle “one for all and all for one.”4. They reiterated their commitment to defend human life, human rights, and religious and ethnic communities.5. Turkey and the United States expressed its commitment to continue the fight against ISIS (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) in the North-East of Syria. They agreed to coordinate on the issue of custody of ISIS militants and the problem of displaced persons from the territories formerly under the control of ISIS.6. Countries have agreed that operations to combat terrorism should touch on directly to the terrorists, their hideouts, shelters, positions, weapons, equipment and means of transportation.7. Turkey undertook to ensure the safety and welfare of the inhabitants of all the settlements located in the “security zone”, controlled by the Turkish forces, and confirmed that he would act with caution not to cause damage to civilians and infrastructure.8. Both countries reaffirmed their commitment to the political unity and territorial integrity of Syria, and the political process under the auspices of the UN, which aims to put an end to the Syrian conflict in accordance with UN security Council resolution No. 2254.9. Both sides recognized the importance and functionality of creating a “security zone” to address issues concerning Turkey’s national security, including re-collection of heavy weapons to the PKK and the elimination of its fortifications.10. Washington and Ankara have agreed that the functioning of the “security zone” will mainly provide Turkish armed forces. In addition, the two sides will deepen cooperation in all aspects of the organization’s “security zone”.11. The Turkish side promised to suspend the operation, “the Source of peace” to ensure the withdrawal of PKK forces from “security zones” within 120 hours.12. As “the Source of peace” will be suspended, U.S. agree to continue sanctions in accordance with the Executive decree of October 14, 2019 “to block the property and suspend entry permits individuals contributing to the worsening situation in Syria,” and will work and consult with Congress depending on the circumstances, to continue progress towards the achievement of peace and security in Syria in accordance with UN security Council resolution No. 2254. After the termination of the operation “the Source of peace” in accordance with paragraph 11, the sanctions envisaged by the aforementioned Executive decree, will be cancelled.13. Both sides expressed their commitment to work together for the implementation of all the objectives set out in this statement.

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