Al Jazeera: will this cause any trump blow his “beloved dictator”?

Al Jazeera: нанесет ли Трамп удар своему «любимому диктатору»?

The silence of the President of the United States Donald trump about the tension in us-Egyptian relations is a mystery to many American experts. Even more puzzling is the fact that the American leader with a habit to Express their opinions on various issues in his personal Twitter account now keeps a deathly silence about the policy of his “favorite ally” of the President of Egypt Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. And this, despite the criticism and threats to Cairo by American officials, sounding in the last days. This behavior is not typical for trump, who came to power in 2017.While everyone is waiting for the tweet from the us President, where he will speak about the negative change in the relationship between Washington and Cairo, the experts speculated whether to continue a trump to praise his “beloved dictator” or support the Pentagon, State Department and Congress, which requires a tightening of policies towards Egypt.On Wednesday, the us newspaper “Washington post” wrote: “unfortunately, journalists don’t expect any decisive action from the President trump, who described al-Sisi as its “favorite dictator.”Since joining Donald trump in the position of President of the United States, Washington has not criticized the Egyptian regime, which all this time was engaged in the suppression of freedom of speech in the country, including the arrest of hundreds of journalists and activists and the closure of many independent news sites.The administration trump also remains silent about the active development of Russian-Egyptian relations, which is reflected in the increase in the rate of purchases of Russian weapons and the conclusion of contracts for the construction of the first nuclear power plant in the region of El-Dabaa on the North of Egypt.The law CAATSAIN recent days, Washington has dramatically changed the rhetoric towards Cairo. First and foremost, followed a warning from the Senate, and then from senior officials from the Ministry of defense and the State Department to the Egyptian regime with the requirement to abandon the purchase of Russian su-35.Assistant Secretary of state for political-military Affairs Clarke Cooper said that Washington may impose sanctions against Egypt and to deprive him of future military deals if he decides to buy Russian fighters su-35.Members of Congress are unhappy that the ally receiving billions of dollars in economic aid, spends it on buying weapons from state a competitor. In a report published a few days ago, the Research service of the U.S. Congress, States that the total amount of financial aid to Egypt from the United States exceeded $ 83 billion, and the budget for 2020 included economic and military aid to Egypt in the amount of $ 1.4 billion.In addition, senators from both parties sent a letter to the defense Minister and the U.S. Secretary of state, demanding to take action against Cairo.According to the law CAATSA (“ON countering the opponents of the United States through sanctions”) Washington may impose sanctions on any country that violates this law. Recall that the U.S. Congress passed a law CAATSA overwhelming majority in 2017, and then it was signed by President Donald trump.Thus, the US can impose sanctions against officials of the state or of private persons if they violate the law CAATSA, buying modern weapons from Russia, Iran or North Korea.The suppression of freedom of expression and the mediaCannot be left without attention the statement of the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, who two days ago called on Egypt to release detained journalists, noting that the United States will continue to raise questions about human rights violations in Egypt.In turn, the U.S. assistant Secretary of state for the Middle East by David Schenker called on Cairo to “respect the new law on NGOs, and not to obstruct the work of civil society programs of U.S. assistance and economic development”.And a number of senior members of Congress criticized the policy of the Egyptian regime because of the infringement of media freedom and human rights. The Chairman of the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives Adam Schiff said that the violations of the rights of journalists in Egypt is unacceptable.”Egyptian authorities raided the offices of one of the last independent news agencies in the country and detained several journalists. This is an outrageous attack on free press and what is left of Egyptian democracy,” wrote Schiff on his Twitter page.American pressureAmerican expert from the University of Texas Jason Brownlie in his book “democracy Prevention: the politics of the U.S.-Egyptian Alliance,” linking policy and Washington’s attitude to the problem of democracy in Egypt with the desire of Americans to obtain concessions from Cairo to regional issues.For his part, Andrew Miller, a former senior official of the national security Council on Egypt under President Barack Obama, said that he sees no connection between criticism of Egypt for failing to respect the rights and freedoms of man and the purchase of Russian su-35.”Finally, the US administration has urged the Egyptian authorities to respect freedom of the press in the country. This is due to two main reasons: first, the presence of an American citizen in an editorial team of Mada Masr, and secondly, the online publication Mada Masr is popular among influential people in the political world of America. I’m sure the fans Mada Masr in Washington asked the American administration to intervene” — said Miller in an interview with the Qatari channel “al Jazeera”.”I don’t think the call to respect the freedom of the press and release of the detained journalists had something to do with the desire of Egypt to purchase Russian su-35 fighters. The administration of the trump criticized the arrest of journalists, Mada Masr, even in the absence of tension in Egyptian-us relations due to the purchase of Russian aircraft”, — he added.

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