Al Quds: the scandal because of the refusal of the Italian TV channel to show an interview of Bashar al-Assad

Al Quds: скандал из-за отказа итальянского телеканала показать интервью Башара Асада

Rome — Italian state TV channel Rai News 24 appeared in the scandal center from-for refusal to put on the air an exclusive interview with the leader of the Syrian regime Bashar al-Assad.TV presenter Monica Magione, former special correspondent in the middle East and the head of television had a conversation with Bashar al-Assad, but neither one news program and television network of Italy were not given this interview.According to statements of management of the channel, the conversation with the President of Syria was carried out without prior approval, to broadcast a television transmission it is subsequently to be introduced, the broadcast interview was not agreed.On the official website of the administration of Bashar al-Assad in Facebook, it was stated that the Syrian leader spoke about the situation in the region with a journalist of the Italian TV channel on November 26. According to initial information, the interview is supposed to appear on the air 2 at the same time on the Italian television channel Rai News 24 aired on Syrian state media.”Early in the morning, 2 December, on behalf of Rai News 24, we received a request to postpone a stream without clear explanations. Later this was followed by another two requests for a continuance without specifying the date when will be broadcasted the interview, without giving reasons for the delay.
This is another example of Western attempts to hide the truth about the situation in Syria and its consequences for Europe and for the world as a whole. If Rai News 24 will continue to refuse to broadcast an interview with Bureau of political Affairs and mass media of administration of the President of Syria will broadcast the full interview Monday, 9 Dec 2019, at 21:00 time of Damascus.”The press-Secretary of the Italian television network reported that the leadership was still debating the question relating to the controversial interview. The journalistic community made its call on the leadership of the channel in the near future to clarify this “awkward question”.

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