Al Quds: who will return the horses tramp in the barn?

Al Quds: кто вернет лошадей Трампа в конюшню?

Probably, the thousandth day of his presidency, leader of the United States Donald trump has earned this rating from Senator MITT Romney, his fellow Republican party rival and former President Barack Obama: “the President is like the farmer who lost all his horses, and then hurried to close the stable door!”Of course, a comment Romney for trump’s decision to send his assistant Mike Pence, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and national security Advisor Robert O’brien to Ankara to persuade Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to stop the operation, “the Source of peace” in the Syrian territory. Romney was also referring to a letter trump Erdogan, which was published by the White house, and no wonder, because it’s too late — the letter is dated October 6, when the Turkish legions have begun to prepare for the invasion of Syrian territory.For perhaps the thousandth day of his presidency, trump has also earned the pity of the speaker of the U.S. house of representatives Nancy Pelosi, which asked Americans to pray for his healing: “I pray constantly for the President… I guess now we need to pray for his health… it was a very serious failure on the part of the President.”So Pelosi commented on the tense meeting at the White house between trump and some of the most prominent congressmen in the Senate and the House of representatives. It followed a resolution adopted at a joint meeting of Congress, where 354 votes against 60 condemned the President’s decision on the withdrawal of American troops from Syria. Trump, for his part, called Pelosi a third-rate politician who suffered a complete collapse in the White house: “Very sad to look at it. Pray for her, she’s a very sick man!”In this connection it is necessary to ask: what is the reason for the disagreement between trump and his party, and between him and the Democrats? Whether the reason for the dispute about the law in the field of insurance and health care, built the separation barrier and immigration policy, presidential scandals, investigations in Congress about impeachment trump, the problems of the White house with the Federal reserve, natural disasters and environmental crises, or maybe it’s some acute problems relating to U.S. national security?When the answer comes in the form of a definite phrase is the conclusion of dozens of American soldiers from Syria that would give Kurdish “allies” in the hands of Turkey, Russia, Iran and the Syrian regime — it is very hard to believe. Is distancing from the Syrian dossier was not Obama’s decision, which trump followed without any major and significant changes? Is the main campaign slogan of the trump may sound, as the need to end the “absurd war,” particularly those that, in his words, “began a thousand years ago”? Is the American President does not recognize today that the Kurdish allies of the “not angels” and I can fight only for money?The answers to all these questions, I think, will sound in favor of trump, but of course not in the light of historical facts like military intervention of America in many countries in favour of corrupt dictatorships and regimes and false slogans of democracy and protection of human rights. Today, according to trump, what is happening in Northern Syria “has nothing to do with America nothing,” and he asks: “What is the relationship between the United States and the fact that someone is fighting on Syrian territory?”Trump refutes a series of “theories” that have guided former US President George HW Bush, when he called for “operation desert Storm” during Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. He threw in the trash all the excuses invented by his predecessors in the White house to justify military intervention in the Affairs of dozens of countries.Congress is angry today, not to protect the Kurdish “allies” and mourns the Syrian territory, captured by Erdogan, Putin, Iran and its militias. In fact they are motivated only by the fear that the specter of ISIS (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) again breaks out of the bottle, where it drove Kurdish armed groups, with the great support of the Pentagon.The speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi needs to consider another issue associated with the Syrian dossier and Bashar Assad in particular. In the spring of 2007, the Republican George W. Bush was in the White house and Pelosi as now led the house of Congress. It is, as they say, crossed the Rubicon and decided to go against U.S. policy toward one of the “axis of evil” — visited Damascus and met with Walid al-Moallem and Bashar al-Assad, hoping to dissuade him from a relationship with Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas. Pelosi acted in a stupid agenda, seduced by the American Jewish lobby, which got her a meeting with the then Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Olmert.Before flying to Damascus she wanted to meet with Secretary of state Condoleezza rice, and somehow Pelosi got a list of verbal messages, which had to pass, as did former Secretary of state Colin Powell and his Deputy Richard Armitage on the day after the invasion of Iraq, and as did other members of Congress visited Damascus before and after.Presidential decree No. 13338, signed by Bush in may 2004 with the aim of enacting a Law on the responsibility of Syria, was the culmination of the American policy of pressure on the Syrian regime and its attendant blockade. And deprived of its political content, a senior U.S. lawmakers (both Republicans and Democrats), when it was demanded by the public (the US and then Israel) or personal interests of a Congressman (Senator-Democrat bill Nelson, Republican Senator Arlen specter, and of course John Kerry, first presidential candidate, and then the Minister of foreign Affairs of the United States).As expected (because this is logical) that the Syrian regime is desperately used in their rhetoric this visit. In many news reports in the framework of flashy propaganda in the media mode sounded one thought — the Americans admit his guilt in respect of the Assad regime and acknowledged the failure of the blockade. Somehow Pelosi said that “the road to peace runs through Damascus”, and this phrase is not an invention by the Syrian official Newspapers — her words are quoted from the Lebanese newspaper “As-Safir”! The text of the actual statement was: “We are guided by confidence, hope and determination that the road to Damascus is a road to peace”.Thus, the metaphor of Senator Romney on the lost horses and the stable door does not shed light on American diplomacy, especially in relation to the operation, “the Source of peace”, and also U.S. policy toward Syria in General. You need to consider the context, and it begins not with trump but with his predecessor Obama. Similarly, the Turkish interest in the elimination of the PKK along the Syrian-Turkish border starts not from Erdogan, but from 1978, but all this does not prevent some to respond to the call of the trump and Pelosi and pray for the healing of the sick.

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