Alain Khmelnytsky faced a depression due to the lack of roles

Алену Хмельницкую накрыла депрессия из-за отсутствия ролей

Actress Alena Hmelnitsky has told fans about his depression. In social network Instagram she wrote: “You often ask me how I manage to be always in a good mood? You see, not always. I’m not prone to depression, but there was a pause in the work. But I do not complain and do not complain… Just tired of waiting for “that call.”

Alena also added that she has everything you need for happiness, children, beloved man and a good home. A pause in the work necessary to think and start moving towards new goals.

It is worth noting that Khmelnytsky all used to seeing always positive and cheerful. She quietly went out even during her divorce from Director Tigran Keosayan. She managed not to show their feelings.

In a relationship with a 35-Lenin businessman Alexander by Shinyshiny actress is really happy. They spend much time together and constantly share joint photos.

Earlier it was reported that to beat depression helps sad music. To such conclusion the American scientists. In their opinion, energetically exhausted man cannot be taken too cheerful melodies and slow tracks provide the body with depression positive effects.