Alain Soral sentenced on appeal for a “quenelle”

    Alain Soral sentenced on appeal for a “quenelle”

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    Alain Soral, in March 2015. LOÏC VENANCE / AFP

    He was released at first instance, in January 2020. Alain Soral was finally sentenced on Wednesday January 6, 2021 by the Colmar court of appeal to 150 day fines for “Public insult on the grounds of origin, ethnicity, nation, race or religion” after the publication on his Twitter account and his site Equality and reconciliation of a photo taken on May 5, 2019 showing him making a “quenelle” in front of the court of Colmar.

    The court of appeal, however, confirmed the acquittal for “Incitement to hatred” pronounced at first instance, a fact for which Alain Bonnet, known as “Soral”, was also prosecuted.

    He will have to pay “150 day-fines of a unit amount of 150 euros”, specifies the Court. In the event of total or partial default in payment, he will be imprisoned for a period corresponding to the number of unpaid fine days.

    The “Quenelle” (arm extended downwards and opposite hand resting on the shoulder) was popularized by the controversial humorist Dieudonné, condemned on several occasions for anti-Semitic statements, a gesture he described asAntisystem.

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    An “anti-Semitic meaning”

    Yet it is “Notorious” that this gesture is “Sometimes a false nose of anti-Semitism”, notes the court, which recalled that Mr. Soral was sentenced for having done so in the middle of the Shoah Memorial in Berlin. She notes that, ” in the spirit “ of M. Soral, it therefore has a “Anti-Semitic meaning”. Therefore, by broadcasting a photo of him making a “Quenelle” in front of the Colmar courthouse, Mr. Soral heard “Persist and sign in an anti-Semitic provocation”.

    “We are satisfied” by this decision, reacted Me Rodolphe Cahn, lawyer for the International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism (Licra), civil party with the Israelite Consistory of Haut-Rhin and SOS-Racisme. “The act was intended to insult the Jewish community”, he added, questioned by Agence France-presse, welcoming “A well-motivated stop”.

    Alain Soral has been convicted about twenty times, most often for similar offenses. The Colmar Court of Appeal also recalled these multiple convictions, noting that the facts for which it condemned him on Wednesday constituted a “Umpteenth public insult of a racist nature” testifying to“A will to persist in this path”.

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