Alain Vigneault: a coach known to listen to the elders

Alain Vigneault: un entraîneur connu à l’écoute des aînés

Waiting for the return of the national hockey League (NHL), head coach of the Philadelphia Flyers, Alain Vigneault, has become a source of comfort for seniors living in isolation in the State of Pennsylvania.

The image of a forty employees of the team, the instructor makes calls on a weekly basis to the elderly of the Abramson Senior Care Center, a center located in North Wales. In the framework of the program Flyers Phone-Linemates, he discusses with people who still have sufficient autonomy in the age of which varies between 70 and 100 years.

“It is very rewarding to use this time to help others and make their life more sunny, said Vigneault in the newspaper “Philadelphia Inquirer”. Well, since everyone is at risk and the majority of the public in quarantine, the elderly have been severely affected, especially those located in residences which offer health care.”

“Having a strong relationship with my parents, I wanted to make this opportunity a priority when it is presented to me,” added the former pilot of the Montreal canadiens, who will celebrate his 59th birthday in may.

The return to normal

For the possible resumption of activities, Vigneault remains optimistic of being able to attend again to the progress of his club, which occupied the second rank of the Metropolitan section at the stop of the season, on march 12.

“I leave the decision to the experts. I believe that if we have two weeks of preparation, it’s going to go, he said to the official site of the Flyers on Wednesday. All are in the same situation, at the same time. Our staff has a lot of experience and this context is certainly new. However, I have confidence in getting together to plan something best for our club and our players.”

“I don’t know when it will happen, but when we will play, we will be ready. Fingers crossed, he also said. Our team was in good provisions and it will be up to us to get back on track. It will be part of our work.”

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