Alcohol causes cancer depending on the dose

Алкоголь вызывает рак в зависимости от дозы

American scientists from the National Institute of cancer research in Bethesda, together with experts from other universities have carefully examined the possible Association between alcohol consumption and the appearance of cancer and life expectancy. The results showed that alcohol is actually a major instigator of cancer, but also can prolong people’s lives.

At the disposal of scientists turned out to be a wealth of information – data on health and lifestyle 99 654 persons aged 55 to 74 years that were collected in the framework of large-scale monitoring project PLCO. The organizers of this project for almost nine years collected data on diet, lifestyle, bad habits and genetic characteristics of volunteers. During this period the subjects was recorded 955 deaths, another 12 700 people became ill with cancer.

Specialists were interested in the morphology of the most common types of malignant tumors — cancer of the prostate, colon, ovaries and lungs. As a result, they came to the conclusion that the emergence of cancer directly affects alcohol – even if consumed in small quantities.

“Alcohol certainly increases the likelihood of tumors. The more they drank the participants in PLCO, the more they become victims of cancer. If the person consumed about three alcoholic drinks in day, the probability of death from cancer began to rise sharply,” said the authors in the publication PLoS Medicine.

Simultaneously, the researchers found that small doses of alcohol (up to three drinks per week) reduced the probability of premature death among people observed. Experts attribute this to the positive effect of small doses of alcohol on the heart. Overall, concluded the authors of the study, the benefits and harms of alcohol while it is impossible to clearly define how and give specific recommendations for its rational use.


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