Alcohol-free wines made in Biterrois exported all over the world

    Alcohol-free wines made in Biterrois exported all over the world

    Three years ago, a young company from Le Petit Béret from the Béziers launched into the marketing of bottles of alcohol-free wine. These red, white or rosé wines made from several grape varieties are the result of five years of research with INRA (National Institute for Agronomic Research).

    A technological innovation

    The company was born in 2012 in Béziers at the Innovosud business incubator. The wine made in Biterrois, from organic farming, was created by two friends: Fathi Benni, an agri-food engineer, and Dominique Laporte, elected best sommelier in France in 2015, and based in Perpignan. In March 2020, its founders decided to set up their research and development laboratory in Nissan-lez-Enserune, about ten kilometers from Béziers. Le Petit Beret currently employs 16 people.

    A wine from organic farming, without any ingredient of animal origin, sulphites or preservatives

    The grapes imported from many French vineyards are processed and bottled in Carcassonne, in Aude “Unlike other brands of non-alcoholic drinks, our manufacturing process does not include dealcoholization or fermentation, thus guaranteeing you no trace of alcohol “, explain the partners.

    “We have created a process that allows us, based on grape must, to transform the grapes and obtain aromatic qualities.”

    24 references of non-alcoholic drinks …

    In recent years, the shelves of supermarkets have seen more and more references to “non-alcoholic alcoholic beverages”. Beers, wines, pastis and even whiskey: all alcohols are now available in a non-alcoholic version. With coolers, non-alcoholic beers now represent 8% of beer sales in France.

    … sold in 35 countries around the world

    One million bottles were sold in 2020 internationally. Scandinavia and France are the two biggest consumers of alcohol-free wines. Building on this success, the Petit Beret does not intend to stop there. The company intends to produce four million bottles in 2021 in order to meet demand and conquer new markets.

    Le Petit Beret, which also manufactures alcohol-free beer, is continuing its research and should market spirits in 2021.

    Fathi Benni, one of the creators of the Little Beret © Radio France
    – Stéfane Pocher

    Alcohol-free wines made in Biterrois exported all over the world

    The bottles of Petit Beret are stored in this warehouse in Nissan-Lez-Enserune © Radio France
    – Stéfane Pocher

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