Ale, garage: Lithuania is strictly against peace in the Donbass at any cost

Алё, гараж: Литва категорически против мира на Донбассе «любой ценой»

Vladimir Zelensky and Gitanas Nausea. Illustration:
Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausea in the comments for the news Agency BNS said that the summit “Norman four” in Paris, the Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky exactly followed the advice which I received from the Lithuanian leadership in Vilnius on 27 November. During the conversation tet-a-tet guest gave some instructions, which the owner of the Vilnius square, Daukanto added at a joint press conference with the words “in any case not to make concessions to Russia”.

10 Dec ASTA Skaisgiryte, Nausea adviser on foreign policy, in an interview with the Lithuanian network edition has lifted the veil of secrecy over the conversation with your boss eye to eye with Zelensky:

“The Ukrainian side, as she was advised by Gitanas Nausea, agreed to exchange prisoners and cease-fire before Christmas. However, in Paris failed to agree on the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Donbass and the transition to Kiev full and absolute control over the territory. Let’s hope that a decision will be made during the following stages [of negotiations]”.The President on the same day made an important emphasis:

“I believe that the requirement of Ukraine “first border, then the election” in all senses more than reasonable”.Victory at the meeting, “Norman Quartet” the head of Lithuania was awarded to the owner of the Kiev office. Inexperienced head of state, which is a former adviser to the President of the Bank ordinary Scandinavian Nausea, absolutely does not mind that his formula “first borders, then the election” is a departure from Minsk agreements, which, as noted by the participants of the talks in Paris, “there is no alternative”. In particular, Russian President Vladimir Putin said December 9, about the inadmissibility of rewriting the Minsk agreements. According to the Russian leader, “each paragraph of the agreements linked with each other, and attempts to rewrite the Minsk agreement will lead to a dead end.”

In Paris even called for amending the Constitution of Ukraine according to the formula of Frank-Walter Steinmeier. This was reported by the press service of the French leader of Emmanuel Macron:

“The parties consider it necessary to include “formula Steinmeier” in the Ukrainian legislation in accordance with the options agreed in the framework of the “Norman Quartet” and the Trilateral contact group”.The Minsk agreements on the situation in the Donbass be the basis for the work of the countries “Norman Quartet”, says the communique signed by the leaders of the “Normandy format”. The next round of talks to be held in March 2020. It will go strictly in the context of Minsk. German Chancellor Angela Merkel appreciated the consistent position of the Russian side in the negotiations and when the leaders of France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine had finished dinner and was heading to the press conference, called the Russian leader a winner:

“Today you’re a winner” — as quoted Merkel the world’s press. “For Ukraine, the results of the meeting looked poorly”, — emphasize journalists.But who is Putin to Gitanas Nausea? No! He considers himself an aristocrat, and leader of the Russian Federation — almost hyperambitious corporal-upstart won the lottery, the General’s pants with stripes. 11 December in Vilnius at the conference dedicated to the discussion of foreign policy, the head of state in his speech said:

“We must not deceive yourself with superficial conversations about our big neighbour. Unfortunately, I hear a lot of such conversations. The Western world once should learn a lesson as in the case of Georgia and Ukraine. Russia recently became even challenge the occupation and annexation of the Baltic States in 1940. All previous attempts to look into the eyes of the Russian leadership and self-deception does not produce the desired result.”
The conclusion is made plain: “we will not force Russia to do what she wants. But we can and must follow the decision not to legalize the illegal actions of Russia to demand from her responsibility and protect the foundations of our existence.”

The Council Zelensky not to make concessions to Putin in any negotiations, including in the “Normandy format” is also “not to legalize the illegal actions of Russia”. That’s why Vilnius official so carefully takes care of the young President.

“Peace in Ukraine at any cost is unacceptable for us”, — 10 December, said in comments to the main channel of the Lithuanian Sejm Deputy leader the regards.As Nausea, to the Minsk agreements, the conservator is like a paper, which you can turn as you want. By the way, the regards the other, but not the biggest one of Kiev in Lithuania. And without orders from above are unlikely to allow themselves such statements. However, time said that it has received the appropriate sanction. And you can guess what the level of heads of state. The who advises to break the Minsk format.

The official position of Lithuania on 100% contrary to the election program of Vladimir Zelensky, who continues to go to one understandable way to put an end to the war and achieve peace in their own country. As they say, that’s where the Shoe pinches. Lithuanians care about that today in Ukraine, the nationalists are stronger than the head of state. They don’t care that the Donbass could be repeated in the Yugoslav tragedy of Srebrenica. For the leadership of Lithuania, and especially to its President, it is important that Vladimir Zelensky firmly realized his mistake in the negotiations with the Kremlin could have catastrophic consequences for his country. In the leading European countries increases the desire to return to normal relations with Russia. European capital invested an additional trump card in the sleeve Putin. France and Germany may call on the Ukrainian leadership to make concessions to the detriment of the sovereignty of Ukraine.

The coin has another side. Official Vilnius fears that Zelensky himself can get out from under friendly control and will cause deep disappointment among supporters and his people. It can destroy the political majority to create a new Maidan, to which the opposition in Kiev ready. From Vilnius square, Daukanto there is a suspicion that the Ukrainian President is already secretly paves the way for the surrender in the East and South-East. If the efforts for peace will succeed not on the terms of friends of Ukraine, it will be for Lithuania the collapse initiated at Dalia grybauskaitė of the project “Ukraine — TSE Europa”.

Renata Reingardiene, Klaipeda

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