Alec Baldwin and his family became victims of swindlers

Алек Болдуин с семьей стали жертвами мошенников

In his Instagram 61-year-old actor said that he paid $ 40 for each ticket, but instead caught a bus that went to new Jersey.

“So, we heading to the ferry of Staten island. I Hilaria, two attentive, savvy new Yorker. Children in tow. We buy tickets for “boat trip” to the Statue of Liberty. On our way to the bus. In New Jersey! I’m not kidding. We paid. Then he studied the tickets. Never mentioned new Jersey! It’s a Scam”.

Baldwin posted a photo of your ticket that says: “Look at new York from the water.” Destination was indeed the town of liberty (Freedom) in the state of new Jersey.

Then Hilaria posted in Instagram a photo on the deck of the ferry with Alec and three of their four children. It turned out that the pair refused to consider the most famous sculpture in the United States, and villages on a passenger ferry Staten island which gives you the opportunity to see the Statue of Liberty.

Fraudsters for many years selling fake tickets for tours to the Statue of Liberty. In 2015, the newspaper The Post said, as they charge unsuspecting tourists up to $ 200 per ticket on the free ferry Staten island. It is noteworthy that the scammers are official jackets SJQ Sightseeing tour operator.

Adopted in 2016, the law requires that in new York from sellers of travel tours was licensed clothes, but fraud is still a lot. Only in 2019, was arrested four the merchant of counterfeit tickets, says