Alex-Antoine Marquis opts for the Red and Gold

Alex-Antoine Marquis opte pour le Rouge et Or

The tennis program of the Red and Gold of the University Laval will have a second transfer of the NCAA in anticipation of the next season.

After Mireille Moreau, who is back in Quebec after two seasons with the Huskies of Cinemed, Alex-Antoine Marquis returned him also to the fold after only one year with the Hornets of Alabama State, a program of the Division 1.

The pandemic has weighed heavily in his decision as well as the academic aspect. “With the airports closed, it became more complicated to return to the United States, told the native to The Bay. The atmosphere would also have been different on campus. I wanted to be near me if a second wave hit in the fall.”

“I was registered in administration at my first year and I had a music class, to pursue the left-handed 19 years of age. I’ve talked to teammates who were in there for four years and they had not learned much. When I chose Alabama State, I didn’t know that the school did not have a big reputation. I’m glad to have lived through the experience and have tried, but I’m glad to be back.”

Marquis believes that he has improved his tennis significantly in the course of his short stint in the NCAA. “My tennis has evolved from a good mark, has there been illustrated. I was the third player of the team and the first double. I’ve played a lot of parties. I’ve also learned to deal with the pressure of representing my university. In the NCAA, the tennis is not an individual sport as I had always known. I am mentally stronger.”

Canadian Champion five times in the categories U-14, U-16 and U-18, Marquis has taken part in several tournaments ITF in 2017. “I participated in a tournament pro in Sherbrooke during the Series’ Future, he said. The national team wanted to take from the experience and identifies the aspects of our game that we needed to improve. During the summer of 2017, I took part to many tournaments of ITF in South America, central America, the United States and Europe. I have won two tournaments, one in Guatemala and one in Nicaragua.”

“You never know, and I do not close the door, but the professional ranks are in back of me, to continue the student in the administration which leads to the Saguenay during the summer period. I want to continue to play in a circuit pretty hard and get a good academic education. The level of the RSEQ is improving each year, particularly with the coming of the French.”

With the Red and Gold, Marquis find a childhood friend with whom he trained since he was young. After his internship in college with the Fellows of Jonquière, Xavier Courchesne has also opted for Laval

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