Alex Boisvert-Lacroix realizes his dream

Sherbrooke’s Alex Boisvert-Lacroix gets his ticket to the PyeongChang Olympics. The speed skater won his place on the Canadian team finishing fifth in the 500m event at the Salt Lake City Long Track Speed ​​Skating World Cup on Saturday.

“These are pretty incredible emotions that I am currently experiencing. I have a hard time realizing how big it is. It is the dream of a life that is realized today. All my life, that’s what I was aiming for and what I wanted to do, “said proudly, who finished fourth in the World Cup standings last fall, thanks to two gold medals at the World Cup. 500m, last Sunday in Calgary and Friday in Salt Lake City.

“I knew that the races were very important. There was a lot of pressure, but I did not pay any attention to the standings. I focused on my races and my times, not my opponents. I had no idea of ​​the difference in points before my race, “said Boisvert-Lacroix.

It was coach Gregor Jelonek who taught him the good news after the race. “It was a pretty intense moment when we hugged each other. It is a beautiful celebration of all the work done together for several years.

The season had started rather badly for him. At the first stage of the World Cup circuit in the Netherlands, he had raced in Group B and failed to break out of the group.

“It’s really in Norway that I got back into shape by finishing in fifth place one hundredth of a second off the podium. It gave me confidence and I arrived in North America where I won gold in Calgary and gold in Salt Lake City. Things are falling out, let’s say, it’s a huge weight that has come off my shoulders to know that I’m going to be able to have a great Christmas without worrying about the Canadian Olympic selections that take place in early January. ” he concluded with relief.

Lévisien Laurent Dubreuil was 19th in the same 500m event with a time of 34.67s. Russia’s Ruslan Murashov (34.02s) won the gold medal followed by two Dutchmen Kai Verbij (34.13s) and Dai Dai Ntab (34.15s) in second and third place.

Qukant to Olivier Jean (8: 00.10), he was eighth in the final of the group start. South Korea’s Seung-Hoon Lee (7: 58.22) won the event.

In the 1500m of Group B, David La Rue (1m 44.45s) and Antoine Gélinas-Beaulieu (1m 44.61s) finished fourth and fifth, respectively.

Alexandre St-Jean was fourth in the 500m B Group with a time of 34.65s.

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