Alex Labbé reconnects with the circuit at Daytona in series XFinity

Alex Labbé renoue avec le circuit de Daytona en série XFinity

After you have taken the 21e rank in the morning, Alex Labbe completed the eighth chrono the fastest in the last free practice session yesterday in the series XFinity the first race of the season will be presented at Daytona this afternoon.

The driver of Victoriaville, which will be his 47th start in the antechamber of the Cup NASCAR, did not want to get carried away too quickly from this result since most of the best drivers of the series, in fact, have preferred to ignore this practice. “The car behaves well, he said, and I’ve always felt comfortable here at Daytona. “The qualifying session will take place a few hours prior to departure (120 rounds), scheduled at 14: 30. Labbé, recruited by the team and the PMD of the owner Mario Gosselin, for which he ran full-time in 2018, has experienced one of its journey the most memorable that same year, on the famous circuit of Florida. “I’ll remember all my life, that’s for sure, is he recalls. I followed the pace of the leaders before being the victim of a beast out of gas by the end of the race. ”