Alex Rodriguez wants a contest circuit to replace the extension

Alex Rodriguez veut un concours de circuit pour remplacer la prolongation

The former player-the star of the New York Yankees, Alex Rodriguez has asked major league baseball to be creative, supporting in particular the recent proposal of Justin Turner to replace extra innings by a competition circuit.

Turner, third baseman Los Angeles Dodgers, had proposed last week to play only one turn at bat when the score was tied after nine innings and then go with a concept similar to the shootout in hockey.

According to Rodriguez, the next season, which should have already started, is the opportunity to make tests.

“In 2020, I love everything about this, has launched the “A-Rod”, in a segment of the podcast, “Get Up! network, ESPN, Tuesday. The first signal that we must send the world is: “if you’re a traditionalist, the major leagues are not for you.” If you have ideas naughty, disruptive, or foolish, this is the year to try them out. It is necessary to try everything.”

“The supporters want to see more, they want to hear more, and Turner always has good ideas, so why not, I like going to y.”

In regards to the resumption of activities in the major league baseball, Rodriguez is believed that the date itself was of little importance. Rather, it is the communication between the circuit and the players, who will have to prepare for a return to the field, which is important.

“If I think as a player, to prepare for the earlier date is the best thing to do, he advanced. The worst thing for a player would be to say: “I believe we are going again in August” and finally, the commissioner said that we have to return and that the players should be present on 15 may, when you’re not ready.”

Rodriguez, now age 44, was struck 696 circuits and maintained a batting average of ,295 in 22 seasons in major league baseball. He has been invited 14 times to the all-star game and was named mvp of the american League three times.

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