ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Once this technology is developed, Amazon's voice assistant would only need a minute of listening to be able to imitate the anyone's voice

Alexa : Amazon’s voice assistant will soon be able to make the dead speak

Alexa, Amazon's connected speaker. Drawing. — Jessie Wardarski/AP/SIPA

Amazon has just unveiled a new feature. for its voice assistant Alexa: the possibility of imitate voices, especially those of deceased people. It’s Rohit Prasad, first vice-president of Alexa, who made the announcement at the American giant’s Re: Mars conference on Wednesday, reports the specialized media. Phonandroid.

“ We are living in the Golden Age of AI ”

The displayed objective from Amazon is “ make the memories last ». To do this, Alexa will be able to to imitate any voice after just less than a minute of listening. Up to now, to achieve such a feat, you had to spend several hours in the studio to record the voice.

“ The way we have achieved this is to frame the problem as a speech conversion task and not as a speech generation pathway. We are, arguably, living in the golden age of AI, » the first vice-president of Alexa.

Deceased people but also relatives or celebrities

During the presentation of this feature, Amazon gave a demonstration with a child who listened to a story told by his deceased grandmother. “ There are so many of us here. having lost someone we love (during the Covid-19 pandemic). While AI can't take away that pain of loss, it can certainly make the memories last, » Rohit Prasad, according to CNBC.

But the American giant clarified ; that it would also be possible to ask the voice assistant to imitate the voice of loved ones or personalities. These voices can be used to read stories, turn on lights or play music from an Alexa device.