Alexa voice assistant has learned to Express joy and disappointment

Голосовой помощник Alexa научился выражать радость и разочарование

Voice assistant Alexa from Amazon learned to Express emotions: joy and frustration.

This publication reports The Verge.

So, the voice assistant will now be able to answer the users “happy / excited” or “disappointed / sympathetic” voice.

A new feature is currently available only for English and only in the USA.

According to the idea, joy Alexa can, for example, to show when the user correctly answer the question in the trivia. Sympathy can be heard when the voice assistant will report the loss of the favorite soccer team of the user.

Every emotion Alexa there are three degrees of intensity.

You can also select to Alexa spoke in the voice of the news announcer or DJ.

In the Amazon believe that innovation did the voice assistant is more natural.

Three degrees of intensity of the “disappointed” speech Alexa:

Three degrees of intensity of “happy” speech voice assistant:

The reading of the news standard voice and imitate the intonation of the speaker:

Discussion of music standard voice and imitation of the style of a DJ: