Alexander Garden: a love letter to his mother

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Since the publication in France of “My mother was right”, Alexandre Jardin causes, so to say, a small sexual revolution.

Be it positive or negative, Alexandre Jardin bother. Since the publication in France of My mother was right, it causes a small sexual revolution. In fact, it is inundated with messages and testimonies of women who have decided to change the course of their life. “My mother is a woman who makes others free. It is mind-blowing ! It is an epidemic ! ” declares the novelist, laughing, to the phone.

Thus, a woman who read his book the Tuesday announcement on Friday to her husband, she leaves him and goes to join his love of youth in Portugal for the weekend. Another love of his son-in-law for years, leaves her husband to live this love to the big day. Three other women decided to live alone without breaking with their husband.


“Last week, I was in a creperie in Paris. There was a guy who looked at me, rushed over to me and said : “You then, with what you put in the head !” The server asked me what I had done : ‘Nothing, I wrote a book about my mother.” The opportunity not only to fiction, but to turn life into fiction came to me directly from my mother. It doesn’t surprise me that only half as many people allow it at this time ; it is very touching. “

Stéphane Wild, so-called Fanou, is not a woman nor a mother as the other. In the 1960s and 1970s, Fanou, and her husband, the screenwriter Pascal Jardin, said the Zubial, have raised some eyebrows because of their mode of life.


In their home, Verdelot, where and going from the mistresses of Mr., Régine, eternal queen of the night, and the three lovers of Madame, from which the film-maker Claude protestant redemption church, each had his own room.


In the words of Alexander Garden, the loves of Fanou and protestant redemption church would have inspired this latest Caesar and Rosalie. The novelist tells the story, In my mother was right that his brother, director Frederic Jardin, was believed to be the son of protestant redemption church before learning that his progenitor was neither Garden nor protestant redemption church.


This episode has been very painful for Yves protestant redemption church, legitimate son of Claude, who had been entrusted to the Figaro in 2008 that the family Garden was relentless on him and that the Garden made in The novel of the Garden away from the truth.


“It was hard for me not to talk about it by writing on my mother because it is also to complicated for her character. This is not all rosy, a woman who assumes entirely. A woman who tries to be absolutely itself, it fucks the whole mess. It is the least we can say ! ” defends the novelist.

We are so confident that mom is there to protect us that we have forgotten that to love, it is also expose. My mother had a reason to make me walk on the fire, as it is infinitely important to find strength.
Alexander Garden

In his eighties, who has instilled in his son the courage to love is now a certified therapist. “She listens to the novels of the other ; at the bottom, it was always this passion. If she managed to live four men in a single house is, that it was the passion of the novel of the men she loved. It is attractive to fall on a woman who is crazy about his novel : it is the only explanation for that the four had accepted. “


Even if he did not know if his mother reads his books, Alexander Garden wanted to shout his love, his despair of losing it and, for the first time, the desire of suicide that haunts him to this woman, the polar opposite of the mom traditional, this ‘writer not active” which was one day persuaded to walk on burning embers.


“The violence is part of life. If one is very fond of life, you can not miss this. The whole book is the reverse of the time, because my mother raised me with a strong dose of violence. We are so confident that mom is there to protect us that we have forgotten that to love, it is also expose. My mother had a reason to make me walk on the fire, as it is infinitely important to find strength. “


Twitter happiness


In the wake of the release of My mother was right, Alexandre Jardin is pleased to report on Twitter the bliss to see of lovers kissing passionately and hear his neighbors do so loudly the love, even going so far as to say that he would go and congratulate them.


The enthusiasm of the novelist to these amorous displays, however, has inflamed the social networks and has earned him, courtesy of the Obs, the Goncourt prize of the troll 2017. “I did a tweet like that, and I don’t know for what reason, the people have spoken. I have only one explanation, is that the Canvas is insane ! lance-t-il in a shattering burst of laughter. It is silly and I have no explanation for the retardation of the world. “


“It’s called an interpretative delirium ! he said continuing to laugh. Just now, I was at the coffee shop. I made a tweet : “I write with coffee… a lady tries to read over my shoulder… so I wrote : DON’T LOOK !” Two minutes later, I write : “She has read… is become peony.” And then, “ Funny… she acts as if I didn’t. Why do people pretend instead of being real ? ” What hurts, that is all that is my mother, it is the fact to be true. We live in a world of well-thinking where everyone plays roles. “

Excerpt from “My mother was right”

“If I was able to become in turn a writer’s frantic, amateur astounding hours empty, film director, choke parrot terminally ill, author of illustrated books and serials, digital, interactive, founder of the associative movements, political, stubborn in my own way, journalist opportunity, screenwriter exalted, gatherer of “faizeux” repair of the country, I will have to. You have never ceased to be born. May be it’s the most challenging aspect of your person. Have shown me that living is not stutter without the end of what is is is becoming. ”

My mother was right

Alexander Garden, Grasset, Paris, 2017, 215 pages

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