Alexander Lukashenko and Armen Sargsyan discussed bilateral relations of Belarus and Armenia in Minsk

PHOTO : Website of the President of the Republic of Belarus


The leader of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko met with President of Armenia Armen Sargsyan. During the talks they discussed the future of the two countries, reports “WORLD 24”.

“We have no closed topics with Armenia. All your wishes, aspirations, if you see something in Belarus, acceptable for Armenia, we are always ready to open doors for you. We already have got used in the economy in terms of our cooperation, which is based on the creation of joint ventures. We are ready to go this way,” said the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

“You have the vision and wisdom to face the future. It’s not just flattering words. The vision of the future is a huge gift policy. Without this it is difficult to build the present”, – said the head of Armenia Armen Sargsyan.

The Armenian President arrived in the capital of Belarus on closing of the second European games. He praised the level of the show. Sargsyan visited the Park of high technologies, where he saw the development of the Belarusian programmers.

By tradition, the heads of state exchanged gifts. Among others, Armen Sargsian was handed a toy – talisman of the European games Fox Lesik. The President promised to give his grandson on his birthday.