Alexander Lukashenko has accepted the resignation of interior Minister Igor Shunevich

Александр Лукашенко принял отставку главы МВД Игоря Шуневича

The interior Minister of Belarus Igor Shunevich has submitted to President Alexander Lukashenko’s resignation. The Agency he led for seven years.

However Shunevich remains Chairman of the Supervisory Board of hockey club “Dinamo-Minsk”. The former Minister, the head of state urged not to pull in Dynamo foreign players from all over the world.

“Everyone has two legs, two arms and head – and the Russians and the Canadians and the Americans, and our. Want to play and make money (what a sin to conceal) – let them play. If you can’t do nothing to talk to them. I’m talking about the Belarusians. And to bring foreign players from all over the world and not get into the playoffs – we need such games are not necessary,” – said Lukashenko.

Today the Belarusian President instructed to ensure the safety of the European games, but “not to turn Minsk into the system some fences”. International competition will be held in Minsk from 21 to 30 June.